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OSC was formed in 1985 as an independent economic consultancy company, specialising in shipping economics and port development. The company has developed an unequalled database for trade, port and shipping data, together with considerable accumulated expertise on the part of the principals and consultants who comprise the OSC team.

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Offshore Rigs: Global Prospects to 2020

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
Offshore Rigs: Global Prospects to 2020   The international offshore rig sector has experienced several years of sustained growth on the strength of high global demand and restricted supply of suitable and available rigs. Day rates have risen to some of the highest ever levels. Future prospec...
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LNG to 2030:A Detailed Review of Future Volumes & Trends

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
LNG to 2030:A Detailed Review of Future Volumes & TrendsThe LNG industry has experienced significant growth in recent years and has featured:• Large-scale demand growth• Emerging new supply sources• Emerging new import markets• Increased investment in LNG infrastructure• Increased contract flexi...
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LPG Carriers: Market Prospects to 2015

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
This Report is no longer available with us, however you may kindly visit the following categories of your interest. LPG Shipping...
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Chemical Carriers:Market Prospects to 2015

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The chemical carrier sector has been suffering over recent years from limited growth in demand and stagnant freight rates. However, the past year has seen a turn around in the industry, with increased economic activity and an increase in the demand for chemicals funding trade and shipping demand e...
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Cruise Shipping to 2015 - A Realistic Appraisal of Prospects

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
Cruise shipping currently faces market conditions unprecedented in this hitherto highly expansionary sector - demand was hit hard by the events of September 11th and continues to exhibit very visible signs of damage, whilst the scale of recent years’ new vessel ordering by the major lines guarantees...
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Containerisation in North Europe to 2015

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
North European containerport demand has expanded rapidly over the past decade, despite some slowdown in the pace in 2001. Growth has been driven primarily by trade expansion, further conversion to containerisation and - most importantly by the continuing push for globalisation. The strongest growth ...
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Self-Unloading, Hybrid & Geared Bulk Carriers

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
Continuously self-unloading vessels can offer significantly lower transport costs than conventional geared and gearless bulk carriers. These depend on achieving the right combination of shipping and port economies, in order to offset higher capital costs. Recent developments have focused on th...
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The World Ship Repair Market to 2015

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
Shiprepair activity improved over 2000/2001, benefiting both emerging and established facilities worldwide. However, competition remains strong, with low cost centres influencing developments in all regions. Pressures to improve profitability remain - particularly among established yards - prompting...
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Marketing Of Container Terminals

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
Marketing of Container Terminals is one of a series of highly detailed studies published by Ocean Shipping Consultants Ltd in the fields of container shipping and port development. Among other recent titles are:World Containerport Outlook to 2015European Intermodalism – a market studyContainerisatio...
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Global LNG Trade & Trends to 2030

  |  Published by:  Ocean Shipping Consultants
The LNG industry has experienced significant growth in recent years and has featured: Large-scale demand growthMany new supply sourcesMany new import marketsSignificant and continued investment in LNG infrastructureSpeculative LNG carrier newbuilding ordersNew larger vessel designsLNG trade v...
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