Our new addition Affiliate system provides a golden chance to business related websites of promoting and selling our informative market research reports. In the course of such an activity; these affiliates can earn attractive commission over each sale offered by Bharat Book Bureau.

Our Affiliates are free to endorse all or part of our categories of market reports through their websites by providing a redirect link to landing on which, the potential client may order their requirements.


Every such marketing effort made by our affiliates starting from the redirecting period to the order delivery is monitored by a professional networking company with rich experience in the process. This company will also take care of payment of any commission that arises.

Why become an affiliate with us?

  • Orders range from a minimum of $125 to a maximum value of $15000. Bulk commissions on each sale available.
  • Over 400 publishers to choose from providing a vast range of industries all from Automobile, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Recreational etc.
  • Bharatbook take care of all payments commission in the coherent manner possible. It does not charge any kind of taxes which are otherwise applicable.
  • Detailed informative materials and Samples of reports available.

You can be an ideal affiliate if you are among Trade Publishers, Commercial Chambers, Industry focused blogs, Business Education Institutes, Industry Newsletters Websites and Industrial Conference Organizing Bodies.

In order to get enrolled into our group of Affiliates, please click the link below
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