Crop Planting Situation in China

 Published On: Jun, 2014 |    No of Pages: 17 |  Published By: CCM International Limited | Format: PDF
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Crop planting industry is an important basis of agriculture and agricultural produces is an important strategic commodity for people’s livelihood. Ensuring the supply of agricultural produces is the primary task of agriculture development. Many factors have influenced the supply and demand of crops such as crop planting situation, import, export, etc. Among them, crop planting situation is the major one. In recent decades, crop planting situation in China has changed significantly. In this report, you will find the differences in the following aspects: 

-Change of planting structure, 
-Distribution of crops, 
-Increasing of multiple cropping index 
-Mechanization level 

It will process factor analyses and influences to analyze reasons and effects towards crop planting situation changes in China. We will analyze the good and bad side of change in planting situation. At the end of this report, it will put forward some suggestions and measures to improve the planting situation that can be beneficial to both farmers and the whole nation.

1 Overview
2 Change of planting situation
2.1 Change of planting structure
2.2 Distribution of crops
2.3 Increasing of multiple cropping index
2.4 Machanization level
3 Factor analyses
4 Influences
5 Future trends
6 Conclusions


Table 2.4-1 Level of machanization use by major agricultural activities in China, 2000-2011, million ha


Figure 2.1-1 Planting area of agricultural crops in China, 1990-2012, million ha
Figure 2.1-2 Planting area of major grain crops in China, 2000-2012, million ha
Figure 2.1-3 Planting structure of grain crops in China, 2000 and 2012
Figure 2.1-4 Planting area of major cash crops in China, 2000-2012, million ha
Figure 2.1-5 Planting structure of cash crops in China, 2000 and 2012
Figure 2.2-1 Planting area in different parts of China, 2000-2012
Figure 2.2-2 Planting area in different parts of China, 2000 and 2012, million ha
Figure 2.2-3 Distribution of top 10 provinces and regions with the largest planting area in three economic regions of China, 2012
Figure 2.3-1 Multiple cropping index by types of area in China, 1996-2011, million ha

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