Crops Trade Flows Analysis in China

 Published On: Jun, 2014 |    No of Pages: 19 |  Published By: CCM International Limited | Format: PDF
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China is an agricultural country, and agricultural economy plays an important role in booming the development of whole nation’ economy. Agricultural produces trade is a key factor to stimulate a rapid development of China's agricultural economy. China was formally being a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. The value of China's agricultural produces trade is constantly increased especially in import sector. In this report, it will analyse the overall situation of China's agricultural produces which will be classified into four categories, including aquatic and seawater products, poultry and animal products, corps products and others. We will concentrate more on main agricultural crops import and export in China. It is found that in China, vegetables, fruits and their processed products occupy the largest share of total crops products export. On the other side, oilseeds, industrial, medical and feed use crops is the biggest import crops products.

Factor analysis are used in this report to analyse the expansion of China’s agricultural crops trade deficit. Issues related to China’s agricultural produces trade will be also outlined. At the end of this report, it will provide some suggestions and measures in order to slower down and balance trade deficit in China.

1 Overall situation of agricultural produces trade
1.1 Constant growth of agricultural trade value and trade deficit in China
1.2 Crops products leading Chinese agricultural trade market
2 Main agricultural crops trade
2.1 Export situation
2.1.1 Vegetables, fruits and their processed products contributing the largest amount of China’s agricultural crops exports
2.1.2 Export market mainly in Asia, Europe and North America
2.1.3 Coastal and central regions, the major export regions of China's agricultural crops
2.2 Import situation
2.2.1 Oilseeds, industrial, medical and feed use crops, the largest import crops products
2.2.2 Dispersed agricultural crops import origins, mainly in North America, Australia and Brazil
2.2.3 Coastal area, a main import region of China's agricultural crops
3 Factor analysis on expansion of China's agricultural crops trade deficit
4 Issues related to China's agricutural produces trade
5 Future trend
6 Conclusion


Table 2.1.2-1 Agricultural exports from the world by crops product, 2013
Table 2.1.3-1 China's top three regions' main crops export value, 2011, million USD
Table 2.2.2-1 Agricultural imports from the world by crops product, 2013
Table 2.2.3-1 China's top three regions' main crops import value, 2011, million USD


Figure 1.1-1 Trend of China's agricultural trade, 2008-2013, billion USD
Figure 1.1-2 China's export and import value of agricultural produces, 2011-2013, billion USD
Figure 1.2-1 Export and import value in China's main agricultural produces, 2008-2013, billion USD
Figure 1.2-2 Share of export and import value in China's main agricultural produces, 2013
Figure 2.1.1-1 Share of main exported crops products in China, 2011-2013
Figure 2.2.1-1 Share of main imported crops products in China, 2011-2013
Figure 5-1 Future trend of China's agricultural trade, 2014-2018, billion USD

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