Mapping Eccentric Solar Power Development in India: A $ 100 Billion Opportunity

 Published On: Apr, 2015 |    No of Pages: 250 |  Published By: SNP Infra Research solutions | Format: PDF
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This 250+ pages report along with the list of upcoming solar power plants in India would beautifully encompass and track the state wise opportunity in terms of “MW” solar capacity development and identify the best-fit state to do so. It will also include a detailed track of opportunities for equipment manufactures across the value chain and will assess the opportunity associated in terms of a transformation map.

This report will synthesize the factual status and in-depth analyse the opportunities associated with solar rooftop projects across India and will evaluate the business case especially for big cities in the country. With the upbeat scenario across the globe for renewables, and in particular solar power India also does not lag behind in dishing out not only conventional but also eccentric opportunities in the sector. From a massive planned investment to the tune of $ 100 Bn in the solar segment by 2022, India is definitely going to amongst the most desirous economies to invest in for the global majors. The recently concluded “Vibrant Gujarat” summit not only signifies the intent of GoI to promote solar power in the country but also is a clear testimony to enhanced interests of not only global majors but also the domestic industry leaders to invest and tap the underlying eccentric opportunities.

The key queries which find answer in this report are: Which state is most suited for ‘Going Solar’ in India? What would be the possible impacts on the equipment manufacturers if India empanels a quality regulator for the sector? In this dossier SNP Infra Research delves deep to and most exhaustively examines the opportunities associated with solar park projects, solar roof-tops, solar pumps and solar UMPP in India. Also, the categorical map of underlying opportunities for the PSU’s in solar segment is assessed in a unique way coupled with the tune of savings for the state discoms. The report provides highly reliable datasets and excellent insights on to be developed solar plants in India which would remain as a best buy proposition for all stake holders.

The report is indispensable and a must buy for solar power developers, equipment manufacturers, IT service companies, telecom companies, banks, project financers and investment bankers, consultants, research and educational institutes.

1. Executive Summary

2. Eccentric Solar Opportunities in India: An Introduction/Know-How
• Planned Investment of $100 Bn tune
• Solar Equipment Manufacturing Opportunities
• Opportunity in Solar Roof-Top
• Business case for Solar Pumps in India
• UMPP solar Projects
• Savings for DISCOMS
• Reducing subsidies in other fuels: Impulse for solar

3. State Wise Opportunity Track As Per Planned Investment Till 2022
• “MW” – wise Investment Planned
• Parametric Evaluation of Indian States for ‘Going Solar’
• Filtering Best-Fit State For Solar Installation
• Evaluating Power Sales Opportunity: Business Case for LCOE/LCOP for Developers & DISCOMS
• SNP’s Recommendation for Most Preferred State for ‘Going Solar’

4. State-Wise Opportunity track for Solar Equipment Manufacturers in India
• Domestic & International Solar Equipment manufacturers – Current Business Tune
• Major Player Wise Existing Opportunities
• Upcoming Opportunities for Domestic Equipment manufacturers
• Upcoming Opportunities for International Equipment manufacturers
• Make in India Impact
• Best fit State for Equipment Manufacturers in India – A Transformation Map

5. Tracking Solar Power Roof-top Opportunities in India
• Ever Green Power Demand of Indian Cities/ Urban Areas – A Blue Print
• State-Wise Opportunities Track in “MW” of Solar Roof-tops in India
• Parametric Evaluation for Best-Fit State

6. Evaluating Business case for Solar Pumps in India
• Assessing Pumping Requirements of India
• Examining Contribution from Electric, Solar & Hybrid Pumps
• Changing Paradigm for Cross-Subsidy for Agricultural Consumers in India – State Wise Analysis
• Best-fit State for Solar / Hybrid Pumps in India

7. Opportunities for UMPPs and Big Solar Park Projects
• Examining Potential Sites for UMPPs Development
• Advantages of UMPP Projects in India
• State Wise “MW” Addition Plan
• Solar Power Park Opportunities in India –Evaluating Best Fit State

8. Savings for DISCOMs vis-a-vis Eccentric Solar Opportunities
• Analysis of Savings vis-ŕ-vis Eccentric Solar Opportunities
• Estimating tune of Savings for DISCOMS
• State Wise Saving Assessment
• Ranking Most Benefitted State as per Savings

9. India “Going Solar” by 2022 – Major Thrust Factors
• Estimating Solar Power Parity by 2022
• Ways to Improve Solar Power Competence in India
• Estimating Existing Subsidies Tune for Conventional Energy Generation Fuels
• Transformation in Cost of Power Generation Through Fuel Subsidy Reduction for Conventional Power:
“MW” Wise Solar Power Track

10. Realizing 100GW of Solar by 2022 – Quintessential
Effective Policy Changes
• National Level
• State Level
• Concurrent Level

11. Business Opportunity for Quality Regulators vis-ŕ-vis Solar Power in India
• Module Manufacturing
• Conditioning Units
• Batteries
• Inverters
• Other Equipments

12. Tracking Business Opportunities for PSUs in Solar Power
• Identifying Major PSUs for Making Investments in Solar Power
• Plans of PSUs in ”MW” in Setting up Solar Power Plants
• Potential of PSUs Solar Establishments – State Wise Track

13. Eccentric EPC Opportunities Solar Power in India
• Roof-top Wise
• Solar Parks Wise

14. Conclusion/Way forward

15. List of Upcoming Solar Projects in India

16. Annexure/ Case Study

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