Cameroon Sawmills And Wood Preservation (NAICS6: 321100.1) Forecast Report

 Published On: Jan, 2014 |    No of Pages: 10 |  Published By: Emerging Markets Direct | Format: PDF
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This document contains actual and forecasted data for Cameroon Sawmills and wood preservation (NAICS6: 321100.1) from 2008 to 2016. This industry group comprises establishments whose primary production process begins with logs or bolts that are transformed into boards, dimension lumber, beams, timbers, poles, ties, shingles, shakes, siding and wood chips. Establishments that cut and treat round wood and/or treat wood products made in other establishments to prevent rotting by impregnation with creosote or other chemical compounds are also included in this industry group.

Table of Contents

Production (Gross Output)
Final Demand: Government Consumption
Intermediate Demand
Exports to World
Real Exports to World
Real Exports Real Growth Year to Year
Imports from World
Real Imports from World
Real Production (Gross Output)
Imports Real Growth Year to Year
Market Demand US$ Price Index
International Export US$ Price Index
International Import Prices US$s
Production Share of World Market, 1995$s
Market Demand Share of World Market, 1995$s
Export Share of World Market, 1995$s
Import Share of World Market, 1995$s
Export Share of Production,1995$
Import Share of Market Demand,1995$
Real Production Growth Year to Year
Domestic Price $/Import Price $
Export $ Price/World Export $ Price
Market Demand $ Price/World Market $ Price
Self Sufficiency Index(Production/Market Demand)
Employment (Thousands)
Employment Growth (%)
Output per Employee (1995$/worker)
Output Growth per Employee (%)
Index Productivity (1995=1.0)
Ratio Index Productivity to World Index
Market Demand (Apparent Consumption)
Output per $ Workers Wage
Output per $ Workers Wage Advanced
Output per $ Workers Wage Emerging
Output per $ Workers Wage Developing
Real Market Demand (Apparent Consumption)
Real Market Demand Growth Year to Year
Final Demand: Personal Consumption
Final Demand: Business Fixed Investments

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