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National Biomass Mission in Offing:Identifying Lucrative Investment Pockets and Opportunity for Stakeholders across Value-Chain

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Published Date: Nov, 2013
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 150

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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents

India, being an agrarian economy generates 620 MT of bio-resources. Industry experts believe that 150MT of this could be used to generate 17.5 GW of electricity. As one of the world’s largest producers of sugar, India produces enough sugarcane bagasse to generate more than 5 GW through co-generation. Further another 2.7 GW can be generated through waste to energy (WTE) technology. In comparison to the these level of potential , India has so far been able to harness only ~1750 MW, 2337 MW and 210 MW of biomass, bagasse cogeneration and WTE capacity by the end of FY 2012-13.

These numbers clearly indicates that, the Indian biomass industry has not witnessed investment level matching to its potential.. The renewable energy industry including the biomass industry depends greatly on government’s grants and subsidies. Taking note of the high potential of the sector, the MNRE has been mulling over the idea of initiating a National Biomass mission on the lines of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. Such a move by the government certainly augurs well for the industry which will open new doors of investment across the value chain of biomass sector.

Buoyed by the success of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, the MNRE is likely to launch National Biomass mission soon. Industry feels that, a National mission would fuel accelerated development in the biomass industry , same as JNNSM has done to Solar sector. Keeping these development in mind, ENINCON in its latest publication “National Biomass Mission in Offing: Identifying Lucrative Investment Pockets and Opportunity for Stakeholders across Value-Chain” has estimated that, after the announcement of National Mission, Biomass industry will attract an investment of about $ 17.5 billion across the value chain

Executive Summary

1. Biomass Power in India: Status Track

1.1 Rationale for developing Biomass power in India
1.1.1 Huge surplus availability of agricultural and Forest residue
1.1.2 Huge biomass potential of 17.5 GW
1.1.3 Mostly untapped 5GW of cogeneration potential
1.1.4 Energy security and focus on green economic development
1.2 Trend in capacity addition
1.2.1 Biomass installed capacity
1.2.2 Bagasse cogeneration installed capacity
1.2.3 Waste to Energy capacity additions
1.2.4 Future Outlook: Upcoming capacity addition
1.3 Regulatory framework- National Biomass mission is need of the hour
1.3.1 Central Policies and Incentives
1.3.2 State level policies
1.3.3 Preferential tariffs in Indian states
1.3.4 REC mechanism- In want of major reforms
1.3.5 Proposed National Biomass Mission: Biomass going solar way

2. State identification: Key regions for Biomass/Cogeneration/WTE Energy
2.1 Major demand centres for biomass plants/captive plants
2.2 Identifying the major industrial belts in each states for biomass plant/captive biomass plants
2.2.1 Punjab-
2.2.2 Maharashtra
2.2.3 Uttar Pradesh
2.2.4 Tamil Nadu
2.2.5 Gujarat
2.2.6 Andhra Pradesh
2.2.7 Karnataka
2.2.8 Others
2.3 Parametric evaluation of states
2.3.1 Resource Availability and Potential
2.3.2 Current harness level and available potential
2.3.3 Policy aggressiveness for RE
2.3.4 Preferential tariff attractiveness indices
2.3.5 Equipment manufacturing base in state
2.3.6 DISCOMs financial status/power off-taker scenario
2.3.7 Tariff realisation
2.3.8 Surplus/laggard status in REC procurement
2.4 State attractiveness index for Biomass Projects

3. Biomass Power Outlook: National Biomass mission to accelerate developments
3.1 Upcoming Project Capacity in Biomass by 2022
3.2 Project profiling of major upcoming projects
3.3 Setting National Biomass Mission Targets: ENINCON’s Perspective

4. Opportunity assessment for stakeholders across Biomass Value Chain
4.1 Opportunity scale matrix for stakeholders
4.1.1 Biomass Project developers
4.1.2 Boiler manufacturers and suppliers
4.1.3 Turbine/Generator manufacturers and Suppliers
4.1.4 BoP manufacturers and Suppliers
4.1.5 EPC companies
4.1.6 Biomass Suppliers
4.1.7 DISCOMS/Power Off-takers

5. Opportunity mapping for BTG turbine Suppliers
5.1 Leading Indigenous BTG and suppliers
5.2 Foreign BTG Players- Are Chinese the only competitors
5.3 JVs and their Indian presence
5.4 Project portfolio of leading BTG suppliers in India
5.5 Case Study: IS the BTG market Prepared for upcoming demand under National Biomass Mission

6. Opportunity mapping for BoP equipment providers
6.1 Major suppliers of BoP in Indian market
6.2 Project portfolios of major BoP players
6.3 Quantifying the investment potential in the wake of National Biomass mission

7. Opportunity mapping for biomass fuel suppliers
7.1 Biomass prices in different states
7.2 Major Biomass pallet manufacturers
7.3 Major demand centres for captive biomass plants for fuel supply
7.4 Key regions/industrial belts in each states for fuel supply

8. Barriers and Challenges in Biomass power projects
8.1 Fuel Sourcing for projects
8.2 Relatively high Capex requirement
8.3 Project Financing

9. Project profile of Upcoming Biomass/Bagasse cogeneration/WTE Projects (MS-Excel)
9.1 Project Overview
9.1.1 Plant Location
9.1.2 Fuel type- rice husk/wood pellets/bagasse etc.
9.1.3 Combustion/Gasification Technology
9.1.4 Plant Capacity (MW)
9.1.5 FYP coming in
9.1.6 Project cost
9.2 Project development track
9.2.1 Construction Status/Latest Development
9.2.2 PPA status and tariffs
9.2.3 Equipment order status
9.2.4 Financial closure status
9.3 Contractors details
9.3.1 BTG suppliers
9.3.2 EPC contractor
9.3.3 Project Consultants

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