Market and Operation of Global and Chinese Cosmetics Industry

 Published On: Apr, 2015 |  Published By: Askci Consulting | Format: PDF
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In recent ten years, the global cosmetics market has maintained steady growth, and North America is the highest market share location. As global per capita income has risen, demand for pricey cosmetics and hair care products has grown accordingly, particularly in emerging markets. It is expected that the revenue of global cosmetics increase to USD254.8 billion, and the industry average profit rate also increase from 7.5%% in 2009 to 11.3% in 2014.

China has become one of the major cosmetics market in the world, with annual sales of more than RMB200 billion, accounting for 8.8% of global cosmetics market, only next to the U.S.

Table II-5 Costs structure of global cosmetics industry Table II-6 Operation data of global cosmetics industry
Table III-2 Economic indicators of China’s cosmetics industry, 2012-2014

List of Figures
Figure I-2-1 Global cosmetics industry revenue growth rate
Figure II-1-1 Product segments of global cosmetics industry
Figure II-2-1 Market share of global cosmetics industry

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