2015 may turn up as Qatar’s tourism milestone year with 3 million visitors


40,000sq meters Qatar Convocation Centre is ought to be a major tourism attraction
Qatars-tourismAccording to the newest tourism report issued by a state owned news provider QNA (Qatar News Agency), Qatar islikely to be visited by 3 million+ tourists by the finish of 2015. The agency also reports that it is eyeing the total expenditure at somewhere around $ 10.7 billion in the Qatar travel and tourism sector by 2030.

Business of Travel & Tourism in Qatar and more:

Although, sources from the agency didn’t have the exact number of visitors for the year till date;  it has confirmed at least a 10% than the last annual which makes it more than 1.3 million. Meanwhile, the Qatar Tourism Authority is striving harder and also urging stakeholders and contributors to gear up with their activities in order to surpass the target of 3 million tourists for the year. The body is very confident that it along with possible assistance from the shareholders will easily be able to reach the number or even outscore it.

QNA further furnished that one in every 11 jobs around the world is based on travel and tourism industry whereas, the sector provides about 61,000 direct jobs in Qatar alone.

Unlike the numbers provided by the Qatar Tourism Authority, some of the private agencies have reported a premium count of visitors to the gulf state which is as high as 2.82 million already. According to these agencies Qatar will easily reach the 3 million mark  even before December 2015 and by the end of the year it should go beyond the target, making 2015 a milestone year.

According to the research report, tourism represents 4% of the location’s non-carbon economy and had pushed in $3.7 billion contribution to the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the year 2013. This stake is understanably increasing on a year-on-year basis.

Qatar is targeting a 20% growth in travel and tourism by 2020


Events that encourages tourism in Qatar:

The sector is ought to turn active by the end of summers in the Gulf and the scheduled Eid Al-Aha Festival along with Qatar Summer Festival. The just celebrated Eid Al-Fitr Festival is seen as the starting point for the business season. Hence, Qatar is most probably sure find place on the list of highest grossing tourist destinations for the year with a record breaking turnout in 2015.