Social-Media-PresenceAny business first should get the meanings of two important terms if it aims to go online, one is “Social Marketing and “Content Marketing”. Most often firms consume these as one and the same and end up messing the entire online promotion practice. This hurts, and hurts hard. To put it dead simple, social marketing without content is like a fireplace without fire OR a river bed without its water. It is the same even on the other side; content without a social platform is of absolute no use. What’s a point in writing a piece when you have no audience to read it?

However, keeping both these factors in mind it is important to design a content according to the social platform in which it will be displayed. There are several forms of social platforms-some are for social awareness wherein some are for discussion on the topic. Hence, it is essential that the content creator makes it optimally interesting in the form that suits best.

Mentioned below are few pointers that will help as guidance in bringing social marketing and content marketing together. This will in turn help in booking profits for your business using the social media world.

A/B Testing-

Simply getting a content online and expecting it to be a success is not the right approach. Framing different forms of content and putting them to test will enable you to know the different forms of effectiveness. This will provide information about which is the best content form that reaches the audience the most.

A/B testing also helps in knowing the faults; if you publish only one form of content and in case of it not being a success; it will be impossible to know the wrong doings and thus it cannot be corrected.

Content Optimization according to the social platforms-

The audience has the maximum options of social media platforms today. There are popular social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora and more. All these platforms have different forms of content representation styles; it is very important that the content guys study these styles and work on them accordingly.

There are specifics that need to be followed, for example-Twitter has a limitation of 140 characters, this means precise yet powerful message. Wherein in Facebook, the message can be much flexible and lengthy. But the content in the second case needs attractive images or videos to support the description. This provides wider reach.

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are all images platforms.

Ask ideas from Audience-

Many a times we forget the best source of ideas- the audience themselves. Allotting time to communicate and share ideas on business and promotional methods is unmissable.

There is assistance from various tools of content management which direct the right kind of content to suitable as per the business requirements.

The platforms indicate big signs of what will work and not will won’t, one just needs to follow and notice the trends- what are specific topics of discussion, how long are they into discussion, what kind of content does the discussions bring in and what do the fans and followers feel about the same.

So, plainly creating content and getting it online is of no big use, until there are wanted effects for which the content is actually aimed for.