3G network becomes conventional in Indian mobile Internet market


3G subscribers consume thrice the data consumed by their 2G counterparts

3G-network-becomes-conventional-in-Indian-mobile-Internet-marketWithin few years of using Internet on mobile phones India has been able to convert the speed and upgrade it from 2G to 3G networks. Usage of web through cell phones (smartphones today) has become a thing of routine so much so that any mobile phone which is not a smartphone enabling Internet is labeled as an incompetent ‘outdated’ model. With the vast population and development rates clocking the best than ever; things are looking fast and bright for the nation. The education systems and literacy rates have improved by leaps and bounds since independence; however Indian technology and communication industry has seen brisk developing days in the recent few years.

Few important numbers related to 3G technology:

It all started with a standard introduction of Internet on the go (in mobile phones). Initially it wasn’t a thing for all as most mobile phones those days didn’t have the facility of running Internet. Moreover, the rates were something that made it unimaginable for the people of India. Just as the developing stages accelerated things crept up and the 2G (2nd generation) technology soon upgraded to 3G (3rd generation) network. This bought about a powerful flip on the speeds at which Internet was experienced on mobile phones. The innovation and penetration of smartphones was just what the doctor had ordered for the tech and communication sector of the country.

Today, the scenes have changed largely as an average consumer consumes 680 MB (mega byte) of 3G data every month. This simple stat surely indicates how powerful and vast the Indian mobile Internet industry has grown into. The 3G network has emerged as superiorly used Internet services as they have registered users grew by 114% within a year’s span.

The mobile market sold about 84% more 3G enabled devices and the subscription rate witnessed a 65% rise in new users according to Nokia Mobile Broadband Traffic Index measured for India.

3G network made up for 52% of the mobile Internet traffic which has blow up by a flat 10% from 2013 where it was around 42%. There were around 258 million devices shipped into India in 2014 of which 22% were 3G devices. Out of these 54% devices enable peak data speed of 21 Mbps; the same for 2013 was a mere 23%.

Region wise consumption index:

For the metros the 3G data consumption grew at 120% in 2014 but this was even more at 129% for the ‘A’ category cities. The future is only projected to be faster and better as many newer companies both from domestic and international fronts are planning massive business plans for the potential mobile Internet market in India.