4 Must Watch Developments of the Tech Industry for 2015


Tech-Industry-for-2015Every year we all expect something new, something big from the TECHNOLOGY industry, thoughtfully it does turn up to be that way. The year 2014 was a great one when the new level in smartphone technology was achieved, personalized viewing and security have got a kick start and of course the most talked about niche; automobiles running without drivers. Hence, 2015 would be an interesting, watchful year with expectations of further automation in several activities.

Here are some selected segments which are ought to develop better techniques and raise the bar of technology sector by the end of 2015.

3D Printing- the BIG game changer:

The 3D printing technology industry has been a long-time innovation which is yet to be completely utilized. The technology at present is consumed only in some industries which are closely related to printing. Actually, the trends are playing to be effective in two arenas; firstly it has changed the way industrial products are manufactured and it also expands the chances of providing physical objects to the routine users.

In real it is actually a connected thing as the prices of mobile phones and computers fell drastically; the printers reached the common man quite easily. This trend of extensively using printers picked up in the year 2012 and it is projected to gear-up in 2015. At this pace, expects project that the technology will reach its peak by 2017-18 when 3D printing will turn to middle class mainstream usage and the price deduction is expected once it is widely utilized.

The main encouragement for the industry is slated to be the new start-ups especially those producing personalized products such as shoes, toys and other tailor made products.

Advanced Analytics-The age of BIG DATA:

Few years ago there was a limitation for any kind of data irrespective to their industry type. This has changed today and it is the age when we need to know The BIG DATA facts. The news and information about an organization is vast, widespread and goes on developing in a never-ending passion. Thus, there is a need to store several details. There is a load of data getting stored in an unstructured manner every day. Hence, the tools such as business intelligence-BI and client relationship management used for management of this data are turning even sophisticated which is easy to use. The data management systems today are more than what’s required today; they are of a forward (future) thinking for organizations enabling a fast forward work pattern for its employees.

Much importantly; the big data industry is projected to be amongst the top well-to-do sectors for 2015 and beyond.

Security to get personalized:

With everything going online-right from shopping to banking; all activities have compelled to the net. There is an urgent concern of safety on the Internet, thus the Cyber Security – Emerging Trends and Investment is a buzzing industry globally. Electric devices are turning into multi-tasking devices as everything right from our heaters to cars and smart-watches are being connected randomly, thus there is a need to tightly secure all of these as they are also at risk of being attacked by hackers. The breach at Sony Entertainment is a prime example of how insecure we netizens are today. With online payments going into the mainstream and devices like wireless Wi-Fi and mobile access enables bio-metrics (especially finger bio-metrics) are ought to storm into the global tech security industry.

Smart Machines will be in use on a routine:

The term Internet of Things also known as IOT has been looming every since the World Wide Web got popular. Many of us have been using the expression without much of its understanding; however, most of us loosely have educated ourselves that it is something to do with connecting smart devices to each other through the IP address. Be it the use of smart-watches or adjusting home temperature with the control of remote tools sitting in the office-everything has gone automated through smart technologies.

Smart-technology is beyond connecting users to multiple devices; its self-learning and automatic functioning of these devices which is surely possible in the coming years. 2015 will truly be mile stoned as a year which started these technologies. Driverless car is a concept which is being repeatedly tested by several auto giants from all around the globe; it is yet to perform in the mainstream. Utilization of smart-devices and smart machines according to tech experts has just become to change gears in 2015 and a lot of action is yet to be witnessed in the near future.

So, it’s time to fasten the seat belts.