5 reasons why the US Weight Loss Market is Shrinking


For years, the US has been battling with concerns over obesity and overweight, with over 68.8% of its adult population falling under ‘overweight or obese’ category. However, increase in health consciousness and awareness has encouraged 77% of Americans to opt for a healthier lifestyle and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) remedies for reducing body weight. As a result, the weight loss industry in the US saw its value dropping by 1.1% to USD 59.8bn in 2014.

Weight Watchers, the leading US brand which offers services and products for weight reduction, too experienced a slump in its sales for over two years in a row, following a 17% decline in sales of its Heinz-made dinners between 2009 and 2014. Healthy Choice by Con Agra and Nutrisystem too saw reduction in sales by 11% and 21%, respectively.

Considering this pattern, it is estimated that the low-calorie/ low-fat food segment of the US diet industry will further decline by 8% in the years to come.

Let’s take a look on the prime 5 factors affecting the US weight loss market:

  1. Adoption of healthy diet and natural remedies for weight loss:

Obesity and overweight have been associated with the risk of developing life-threatening disorders like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, fatty liver, cancer, kidney stroke, and high blood pressure. To prevent or control such disorders, people are feeding on nutrition-rich food items and are using natural remedies for reducing weight, right from an early stage.

  1. Technological advancement:

 The introduction of Smartphone applications and intelligent devices allow users to keep a check on their calories intake, work-out pattern and overall health status. Such wellness applications are popular amongst millennials.

  1. Preventive care testing:

Now-a-days, preventive care testing is becoming popular as people are more exposed to the possibilities of various lifestyle disorders. Such tests help individuals know and prevent the risk of obesity, over-weight and other associated problems.

“If the US sticks to the mantra ‘Eat nutritious, Live Healthy and Fight Obesity’, it can get rid of the nickname- ‘The Fat Country’.”


  1. Introduction of Obamacare:

A share of the country’s weight loss market has been neutralised by the Obamacare scheme which promotes a range of services for obesity-hit individuals. Under this scheme, several states are offering extended coverage for obesity treatment. A total of 23 states now have facilities for bariatric surgery, while 16 states offer certain reimbursements and coverage for obesity-related therapy, screening, and counselling.

  1. Expansion of other competitors in the market:

Other players in the market include health clubs, hospitals, and pharmacy chains like CVS Health. Although a new entrant in the diet market, CVS Health programme is considered eligible under the Obamacare policy for reimbursements as it offers coaching for weight management.

So, it is evident that Americans no longer want their physique to be mocked at and hence, are putting efforts to stay fit by following a healthy lifestyle. The ‘fat country’ is certainly trying its best to get in good shape.

Keep going US….Good luck!