5 Social Media Trends You Can’t Afford Ignoring in 2016


5-Social-Media-Trends-You-Cant-Afford-Ignoring-in-2016Yet another year is coming to its climax and it’s again that time when all of us start planning about the brand new year. 2015 in a way for all business verticals has been a pretty good one, especially for the ones on the Internet. Online business units have scaled up to newer heights and all of them are planning to be the “everything” in the future. It is important that online marketers and other related departments start planning their actions for the upcoming year. Social media platforms are proving to be the life-blood for all kinds of business and one has to know the righteous actions to invest into these platforms for optimum returns.

More than 2 billion people are using social media platforms worldwide, most of these are regular users and utilize the medium for professional OR business purpose. In the US alone, 9 out of every 10 companies use these online platforms and what is more indicative is that 50% of their social promotional efforts are bringing in sales. All this is the outcome of the excellent reach of these online platforms and the amount of response they receive. The trends look more active in the times to come as a crusty average growth of 25% is estimated on a year-on-year basis.

Essential trends determining the correct methods to use social media in 2016: Here is how 2016 is likely to look in terms of using the social media platforms:

NO Social to ALL Social Networking in Workplaces-

Gone are the days when offices would block social networking websites, today there is a need to shout about what one is doing at his or her workplace. The companies are more actively part taking on social media platforms and some are hyper active to even the extent of doing away with their e-mailing systems. There are expectations that e-mails will soon be washed-off or minimized for sure as an internal communication tool. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are primary mediums for workplace communication. LinkedIn is the most used professional platform in the world and its competitors are working tediously to give the company a run for its money.

By 2017 #socialmediaads would account to about 16% of the gross #digitalads spending #worldwide


Facebook is a good example for the same as it is running a new professional app on trial known as ‘Facebook at Work’. The application is switched on with a few select companies on a trail mode and it would be opened for general use as a free tool for workplaces around the globe in 2016.

Establishments are trusting employees to SPREAD THE WORD-

Even after 80% of businesses around the world use social media most of them fail to get their acts through. The year 2016 will see more companies using their employees as resources to get the promotional acts a better impact. Most companies in the corporate circuit have taken up the employees’ social advocacy programs, wherein companies ask their employees as resources to share and promote news on their social spaces. This practice has posted a hike of a whopping 191% since 2013 and if the experts are to be trusted; this is just the beginning of a take-off which would probably happen in 2016.

Content and news shared by an employee is observed to receive better engagements on several platforms as it is recorded to be 8 times more success by the research teams.

Business will penetrate into Instant messaging apps-

A recent study indicated that there are around 4 billion active (very active) users of instant messaging applications. Understandably, these include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger along with WeChat and others. The utilization is at its peak as all the TOP 5 Apps in terms of usage are instant messaging apps; this means a lot for business and companies around the world. Not much of the potentials have been used or even been attempted yet. This will start happening in 2016 as business units will mainly relay on social messaging apps which are easier than mails and are quicker too.

App owners on the other side are working towards simplifying their services for a much better reach and user experience. Twitter as an example lifted its 140 character limit on direct messaging mode and Facebook is constantly trying out different service oriented features for enhanced user experience.

Social Media Advertising is the BUZZ-

Social media advertising has taken the position of the old-fashioned graphic banner ads on the Internet. They are steadily turning omnipresent and this is an indication of their effectiveness. Promotions like sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram have turned normal. Promotional Tweets on Twitter have a good response from followers; advertising or better known as online marketers do a lot of targeted research as they are nowadays able to dig deeper than the basic age and gender aspects. Many advertisements on the Internet are focused on interests and location of the surfer which is ought to provide a better engagement.

So the ads which you see on your page are more likely to be related to your interest and thus they are the ones which you would like to see.

In 2015, this part was hyper active as the spending grew by a record 34% to nearly $24 billion. Observers expect the trends to go on and they hint that by 2017 social media advertisements would account to about 16% of the gross digital ads spending worldwide. Getting a social media ad done is lot for easier than it was ever as smaller designing companies and assisting tools (most of them are for free) are available to get the task through. Hence, these have proved to be the game-changers as it was once a very expensive affair reachable only to an elite few.

Social videos are eating you up-

When did you watch a video online? I bet it would be few hours (even minutes) ago for most. That’s what videos on social media platforms are doing to the world; they are undoubtedly the most favorite form of content on the Internet. Moreover, social platform Facebook has doubled its daily video engagement rate (8 billion views) and has left behind prime websites like YouTube and Dailymotion which are clearly struggling to keep up.

Snapchat for example reports daily average video views of 6 billion within its own network. According, an adult user consumes an average of 66 minutes of video time online on a daily basis. 70% of companies worldwide trust online video marketing as their most effective marketing tool. Despite these exciting outcomes, many concerns are pulling themselves back sighting the expense for professional video shooting and related activities. However, the competition is closing down as there are several alternatives coming up-short duration videos (8 to 15 seconds) is one of them.

Hence, to put it in the simplest form, 2016 is clearly a social media enhancing year and companies have to make use of different social platforms not as a luxury but for their survival.

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