US 3D Printing industry to be worth $17.2bn by 2020

3D which means 3 Demission, the concept is largely spreading on to almost every activity of life. Especially the printing industry around the world is revolutionized as the manufacturing methodologies have changed the path of business. The US printing industry for instance has completely revamped its operations into the
Jan 20, 2016

HP entering the 3D printing in full force, plans to turn printing faster…much faster

It was early last year that Meg Whiteman the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP) disclosed to shareholders that the company is eyeing to enter the 3 dimension (3D) printing segment. Following the declaration, there were speculations about the timing and the newness that the tech company is trying to introduce.
Jun 12, 2015

3D Cell Cultures: The Technology & its Global Market

3D Cell Culture has pushed in massive improvement in the drug development processes 3D Cell Culture is an artificial environment created for the growth of biological cells; these cells are allowed to interact with the surroundings using the THREE DIMENSION METHOD. This growth pattern is an improvement from the

Printing Industry- An Overall Global Review

Print Industry enjoys a total of 51 country market worldwide Printing is an activity of reproduction an image or any content on a paper or any suitable surface using ink. This is an industrial process and is carried out in a major scale; it is presently used for publishing

Top Global Trends in Technology for 2016

2015 in terms of technology has proved to be an eventful year. Tech companies have been capable of inventing devices that would promote into doing anything and everything, literally. 3D printing and iWatch are stated as the highlight of the year; not to forget the drones and self-driving cars
Dec 23, 2015

4 Must Watch Developments of the Tech Industry for 2015

Every year we all expect something new, something big from the TECHNOLOGY industry, thoughtfully it does turn up to be that way. The year 2014 was a great one when the new level in smartphone technology was achieved, personalized viewing and security have got a kick start and of
Jan 19, 2015