Mobile Payments War: Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay

With mobile NFC enabled payment mode, swiping will soon be thing of past It’s hardly been few months that Apple has come out with the revolution in the payment mode-the Apple Pay and it is soon likely to have tough competition. The modes of cash or plastic currency payments

Apple Takes On Big with Streaming Services

Remember how we all used to crowd around our television sets at home, to watch our favorite shows or movies at a particular time slot? Well this would soon become a memory of the distant past, as we will be watching favorite shows directly as per our demand through
Jun 10, 2019

Guideline to Mobile Wallets, the future of Payments

With the crucial penetration of e-commerce in India, the way people are buying their things is changing immensely and so is the mode of payments. Mobile Payment technology is catching up fast and thick among online buyers. The inclusion of credit or debit cards is fading away though there


Japanese seniors soon to get ‘quality of life” apps, courtesy: Apple-IBM-Japan Post Apple along with IBM and Japan Post is planning to introduce a smart device based application that will change the method in which the Japanese are using the healthcare apps. To furnish more on Japan Post, it

Apple Inc books $18 billion- the highest quarterly profits in history

Company’s Quarterly profits smashes the Wall Street expectations All previous highs of the Wall Street have been wiped out by the latest sparkling figures put up by the tech giant Apple Inc with the help of its latest big screen smart device introduction-iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Some big

Bharatbook’s Insight of 2015

We are few hours away from starting 2016. The outgoing year-2015 has been quite an eventful one for many reasons. Businesswise, the year can be summed up as a roller costar, Google has been active with its ‘out of the box’ inventions, governing bodies of several countries seem to
Dec 31, 2015

The Marshmallow update from Google; all that you need to know

Amidst speculations regarding the name for new mobile android version, Google very recently came up with the actual event. The tech giant introduced its latest android version on mobile phones and has upgraded it to Android 6.0 unlike the news of it being called as Android 5.2. One has
Aug 24, 2015

Most Likely Trends from Retail Industry for 2015

2014 was a year of changes for the retail industry as several things happened at an extremely unpredictable speed. Notably the sales went on from physical (brick and mortar stores) to the online medium. There were innumerable companies getting their tech switch on and preparing their online presence and

The “iPhone X” Dilemma

Usually, if you were to spend anything near or above $1000 on a piece of technology, it would be considered an absolute necessity. As a technology enthusiast myself, I would spend such an amount on say a powerful PC, which would be sure to safeguard me at least for
Oct 23, 2017

5 Trends ruling the Global Travel and Tourism Industry in 2015

The bygone year was a mixed bag of events for the world travel and tourism industry as both good and bad took place. Travel websites like, and many more had a profitable business annual yet there were a few troubles as the airline industry suffered few crashes