India and China to rule the Global Talent Pool by 2030

Talent pool in terms of occupational knowledge around the globe is building stronger and if research studies are to be trusted, it will be at its best ever by 2030. The number of tertiary educated group (25-35 years) also commonly known as graduates is highly rising. Especially, the count
Dec 9, 2015

China likely to lead the Industrial Lubricant Sector by 2019

Industrialization is an integral part of economic developments around the globe. There are several fronts of industries-factories and manufacturing units mushrooming; these are very unlike the previous industrialization as they have an edge of technology for aid. It is understood that the subsidiary industries related to industrialization will go

The Great China Wealth Story: RISE and FALL

China has been amongst the most talked about nation’s when it comes to business and profit-making. For decades together it is tagged as an economy that ruled and dictated the world economic status. Understandably, it is certain to have a growing number of ‘wealthy people‘ in and around. According

Alibaba plans an Internet Bank in China by June, 2015

The Chinese finance industry is all set to take off to a new unseen height as Alibaba along with its affiliate Ant Financial Services Group is planning an online banking business by the following June. This massive penetration into the Chinese online network was held on last Thursday (09/04/15)

Vietnam turning to be the China of Manufacturing in the future

The Southeast Asian Nation means business: A hyperactive government supported by the low costs is enabling Vietnam to build up for the race of economy. The time has arrived when China the Asian superpower and one of the developed countries of the globe is facing stiff competition from Vietnam

Elevator industry in China-Rising beyond Expectations

The segment recorded a CAGR of 22.52% between years 2003-2013 As china is the largest populated country in the globe it is ought to have endless opportunities for businesses of all sorts. Massive construction projects both in the segments of commerce and residence keep happening and thus the elevator

China LED Industry to be worth $7.4 billion by 2017

LED segment to cover 18% market share in 4 years China being the most populated nation of the globe opens up multiple business opportunity within regular time intervals. It is the leader manufacturer of various products which it supplies to other countries, there is no doubt that it is


Chinese government pays 55% of the all medical expenditure: China looks a full grown country with regards to its healthcare sector. The number of diseases and mainly the kind of ailments that its citizens suffer from is very similar to that of the developed countries. Although the industry is

China – The Superpower in Shipbuilding Industry

China ruling the sea – Transporting Industry The initiation of the shipbuilding industry goes back to the late 1200’s when the Yuan Dynasty was the in-charge. Several war ships were constructed during this period and there were close to 18,000 warships which were in utilization. The kinds of that

The Ups and Downs of China Cement Industry

Insight of china’s cement industry China, also known as People’s Republic of China, located in East Asia is the second largest country in the world with a land mass of 9.6 million square kilometer and the most populous one with a population figure of 1.35 billion. It is also