Gulf nations to spend $12 billion on Pharmaceuticals by 2020

Saudi Arabia holds 59% of the total Pharma market in the Gulf According to a leading private healthcare technology company in Gulf, Saudi Arabia will retain its leading position at least for the next half a decade. The Islamic state holds around 59% of the entire pharmaceutical market and

The Tomahawk – America’s Go To Missile

The horrific chemical attacks in Syria, which left at least 80 civilians dead and many others grievously injured, left the world shocked and in disbelief. The barbaric act has been condemned by every nation that witnessed the inhumane scenes in the aftermath of the attacks. The world denounced the
Apr 20, 2017

The Indian Fairness Market and the Unfair Colour Discrimination

India is a country famous for its culture, natural scenic beauty, history, Bollywood, festivals and….beautiful women. Indian women, according to many beauty experts, are the best-looking women on earth. From popular painter Raja Ravi Varma of the British-Raj period to the judging panel of Miss Universe beauty pageant, everyone

Hotel Industry in Dubai to add 27,000 rooms in next 3 years

Planning to visit the desert land any soon??? Well, it’s a good decision as you are ought to receive one of the best services available around the world. Hotels in Dubai and around are rated to be among the top-class service providers. They have been recently rated as the

FINANCIAL CRISIS…Best time to go for a Market Research

Since mid June the Chinese markets have taken its global counterparts for a rash-ride. Markets continue to perform bad although the damages are not as severe as they were, yet the confidence of stakeholders has declined big time and the reactions are visible worldwide. Business at the Wall Street

Farmers in Abu Dhabi expect a production rise this year

Abu Dhabi and surrounding Gulf regions have shown extraordinary growths in the agriculture produces in the last few decades. This trend of increase in business and revenue from the farming industry is likely to continue even for the current annual. Investments from local and international sources is growing by

2015 may turn up as Qatar’s tourism milestone year with 3 million visitors

40,000sq meters Qatar Convocation Centre is ought to be a major tourism attraction According to the newest tourism report issued by a state owned news provider QNA (Qatar News Agency), Qatar islikely to be visited by 3 million+ tourists by the finish of 2015. The agency also reports that

Global Cord Blood Services industry estimated to peg to $ 15.2 bn by 2019

The concept of “Cord Blood’ and its related service are among the top headlines in the global healthcare circle. According to the recent reports on the upcoming medical technology, it is all staged to extensively expand on a global range. The developments are projected to be of massive kinds

Oil Industry gains after a rollercoaster drive, Up by 4%

A barrel rose above $60 for the first in 2015 Brent oil entered the bull market for the time this year on Friday the 6th of February. This surely comes as sigh of relief for all in the industry but a community is still cautious about the return of

Oil Prices tumbling down….Is it GOOD or BAD for the World?

12/12/2014 saw the prices breach down to a 5 year low The constant dripping of oil rates have been moaning news for last few months. However, the initial reactions for the decrease were positive as most of the most of world economies were welcoming the cheaper trends. But with
Dec 15, 2014