5 Trends ruling the Global Travel and Tourism Industry in 2015

The bygone year was a mixed bag of events for the world travel and tourism industry as both good and bad took place. Travel websites like Booking.com, TripAdvisor.com and many more had a profitable business annual yet there were a few troubles as the airline industry suffered few crashes

Trends in the Travel and Tourism Industry in India by 2024

By 2024, India to have more than 13.34 million international tourists The bygone year 2013 wasn’t as bright as one had expected. Most of the industries were crawling slow and hardly had anything to cheer about, excluding industries like Information Technology (IT) and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) which

Hotel and Other Accommodation Fights the Pandemic Challenge

For a mini relaxing vacation, my sister and I decided to visit Goa this year. To make the most of our first girly trip, we booked a comfortable hotel which was located close to most of the tourist attractions. As we had sourced local help from one of my

Get experience of travelling once in your life time!

Travelling is one of the best things which we can acquire when we are alive we are here for some purpose make journey worthwhile. Gain so much out the education that u can get a chance to explore self. Traveling leads us in to the different beautiful destinations in the

Global Travel Industry Trends and Forecast for 2016

The bygone year can be easily termed as a productive one for the travel industry. In a relatively global dull situation when other business verticals were going downhill; the travel and tourism industry had a rising period. According to recent research studies from reliable sources proved that there was

2015 may turn up as Qatar’s tourism milestone year with 3 million visitors

40,000sq meters Qatar Convocation Centre is ought to be a major tourism attraction According to the newest tourism report issued by a state owned news provider QNA (Qatar News Agency), Qatar islikely to be visited by 3 million+ tourists by the finish of 2015. The agency also reports that


Booking a vacation in today’s time is an easy task. It actually takes three steps to book your dream vacation. Open your favourite online travel booking sites. Do a bit of research to know which website or company is offering you the best deal. Proceed to payment. After all

Medical Tourism- Growing in Asia and Worldwide

Medical travel industry to grow at a CAGR of 26.5% for 2003-2015 Medical tourism is also known as medical travel or health tourism; this is a travel plan exclusively planned by patients travelling across country borders for the sake of medical treatment. Certain regions on the globe have an

Restaurant Industry 2014 – Is Hot and Tasty

Restaurant Business Cooking Up Unpredictable Profits In the early 18th century or even before came in the concept of “Restaurant” in countries like the US, China and the Greek culture. This was initially the concept of small areas which prepared and served recipes that were ordered by the consumers.

Eco Tourism – Rejuvenating the Tourism Industry

Resort in the Lap of Nature Many times the hectic urban lifestyle of our cities and town turns us off in a huge way. The massive traffic jams, the crowd in the train and buses, the pollution all around, the deafening sound of the vehicles and industries makes us