Here comes a Smartwatch that gets Recharged with your Body Heat!

Sporting a cool smartwatch is one of the latest fads among youths these days. But let me tell you, these watches are not ‘the apple of the eye’ just for the youngsters, but also for the trendy and fitness freak men and women. From the year 2014, smartwatches started
Nov 29, 2016

Bharatbook’s Insight of 2015

We are few hours away from starting 2016. The outgoing year-2015 has been quite an eventful one for many reasons. Businesswise, the year can be summed up as a roller costar, Google has been active with its ‘out of the box’ inventions, governing bodies of several countries seem to
Dec 31, 2015

Top Global Trends in Technology for 2016

2015 in terms of technology has proved to be an eventful year. Tech companies have been capable of inventing devices that would promote into doing anything and everything, literally. 3D printing and iWatch are stated as the highlight of the year; not to forget the drones and self-driving cars
Dec 23, 2015


Makers like Sony, Moto and Google eyeing the Smartwatch industry The media and communication industry has seen a complete lifespan of many devices which have come and gone and had their fair share of popularity. Smartphone is the newest on the popular devices list; it is a communication cum

The “MUST KNOW” about Apple Watch Revealed

The Watches are expected to go for sales from 24th April, 2015 Amidst loads of chats and speculations finally the cat is out of the bag. Apple yesterday announced particulars about its much talked about product-The Apple Watch. Of course the atmosphere at the media event in San Francisco

Most Likely Trends from Technology Industry for 2015

The bygone year was an absolute important one for technology. There were too many essential innovations done resulting in new products, the tech industry was exposed to another level of smartness. “Wearable device technology is now a necessity from once being a fantasy.” This pattern of modernism is expected

From Being a Fantasy to a Necessity: Wearable Technology Round-up

WEARABLE’S TECHNOLOGY is perhaps the most interesting thing to happen in the technology industry till date. Each and every gadget we are currently using is on the urge of getting converted into a wearable technology. Wearable technology, also known as wearable’s, fashionable technology, fashion electronics or wearable gadgets are
Dec 10, 2014