Japanese seniors soon to get ‘quality of life” apps, courtesy: Apple-IBM-Japan Post

APPLE-TO-DIVE-DEPPER-INTO-HEALTHCARE-SPACEApple along with IBM and Japan Post is planning to introduce a smart device based application that will change the method in which the Japanese are using the healthcare apps. To furnish more on Japan Post, it is a government undertaking organization that is operating postal service facilities for decades; it also offers a ‘watch-over’ facility for the elderly citizen around Japan. According to this; postal service people pay a visit, check up for the elderly people’s well-being and report the same back to their relatives who may be put up at a distant location.

Apple’s ‘quality of life” app to do wonders:

Apple with collaboration with IBM and Japan post is set to bring a massive up gradation within the system. The tech company has planned to provide a smart auto system through iPads wherein the postal employees visiting the elderly population will carry an iPad pre-loaded with the apps, “quality of life”. These are a set of applications which would enable important healthcare assistance such as scheduling medical appointments, planning travel schedules (if needed), maintaining overall health records and hiring home maintenance professionals for all time help.

In addition to all these, the employees will also help in finding answers regarding doubts the applications.

Great idea to increase the usability of the apps:

This is sighted to be a master-stroke by many tech experts as Apple is planning the right mode to spread its healthcare apps by providing them to the elderly population in Japan. The companies in future expect spread this ideal method of promotion to other countries around the globe. The concept is to provide iPads with applications loaded in them which are designed for the well-being of elderly people initially in Japan and then in most countries of the world. The application is designed by IBM and it also provides cloud services, assist in creation of further apps which will improve the set of “quality of life”. These may be any services such as repair works, remembering a medical appointment or keeping in touch with a distant relative.

The approach is set to be a massive success as over 33 million people in Japan are 65+ years


Apple-IBM partnership continues:

Apple entered into a partnership with IBM last year and since then it’s been a good ride as together they have come up with 22 apps till date. These applications cover up massive industries as each of them is useful to several industries. However, this healthcare app to be introduced in Japan is projected to bring huge returns as it would be expanded to other parts of the globe as well.