AUTOMOTIVE HUD (Head-Up Display) INDUSTRY TO REACH $8.3bn by 2020


HUD’s have multiple usage in automobiles, aviation, gaming and lot more

Automotive-Hud-(Head-Up-Display)-IndustryHUD-Head-Up Display was first introduced in the year 1942 after the British military fighter planes as the pilots were finding it difficult to react over the sudden instructions they received through the radars. This technology enables the pilot to read instructions and view all important controls on the transparent display screen available on the windscreen on the plane. This availability facilitates the pilot to concentrate on the path as well as carry on with the controls without looking at the control panel on the dashboard.

Initially this technology was kept confidential and only used for military aviation purpose but today HUD’s are omnipresent all over the aviation industry and also in modern automotives, computer gaming and other applications.

In business terms, the HUD industry is steeply growing and the number of countries and appliances in which this technology is utilized is constantly rising in their numbers. HUD’s have been around in the aviation sector for decades now but its entry into the automobile industry is a recent one. This development in the automotive niche is witnessed to be a game –changing one as it is expected to increase the sense of awareness, shoot up the driving safety measures. Research companies have estimated a good rise of HUD’s in latest automobile models in the coming 5 years and predict a 25% CAGR for the technology by the end of 2020.

According to the reports until 2010 Japan is noted to be the world leader in utilizing HUD’s in automotives but it is expected to be unseated by the European countries by the finish of 2020.

The very recent in the automobile HUD technology is the HUD’s for motorbikes (2 wheelers) where the headgears provide the information while the ride. This up gradation in the world of motorbikes is thought to be a great step as it is ought to decline the fatal accidents more than 40%. Many superbike companies are planning to include the technology in their upcoming models. Similarly, top global cars manufacturers are testing most of their upcoming models with the HUD’s; some of them are working on allotting complete controls of the vehicle on the HUD’s. These include GPS system in the car, the turns and indicators and the speedometer for the basic version. The upgraded version in some models includes the reverse cam and the transparent frames.

Top research firms all over the world reckon that the HUD industry will touch a value of $8.3 billion by the end of 2020 and this is seen as just the beginning of a revolution in automotive technology.