Being too SWEET is killing you…Know how?


Being too SWEET is killing you…Know how?

Diabetes-Market-ReportDiabetes for sure is carrying a war against mankind globally. Recent research works on the ailment has bought out few hard hitting facts and figures which will actually uncover the dangerous future that awaits us. According to reports, around 135 amputation surgeries happen in UK in every 7 days time. Experts from diabetes United Kingdom indicate that the condition is ought to get worst as more people are developing the fatal illness which is also linked to overweight. The reports further furnish that around 80% of these amputations can be evaded if better care is given to the sufferers.

At present, there are more than 380 million diabetics worldwide and this number is expected to have a steep rise and reach around 592 million by the end of 2035. These numbers cannot be ignored or taken lightly as they are results of thorough research by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). The findings further chalks down that 1 person out of every 12 on the planet is suffering from the disease; the spread is evident as 1 out of 2 diabetics had no signs of suffering from it in the past or 1 out of every 9 healthcare expenditures is directed to diabetes. Last but surely not the least, there is a sufferer succumbing to diabetes every 7 seconds.

Ahhh…that’s a lot of bad news put together. Now let’s reach out to some good part of it, the SOLUTION. How can we prevent or reserve the condition of diabetes. This is unquestionably a subject that each one of us needs to know about; irrespective of us being a diabetic or not.

Generally people consume high quantities of meat, oily stuffs and calories due to the improper lifestyles inviting lot of health issues. Being overweight is the first sign of expanding the illness list which mostly connects to diabetes. Heart related ailments are alarms that the condition is worsening and needs immediate attention.

Mexico, China and India are the top 3 worst hit countries due to diabetes, USA sits at the eighth spot


High-nutrient, low glycemic load (GL) foods are the best a person can consume while suffering from diabetes (or even otherwise). This is the best way to prevent the condition or even to reserve and have precautionary measures for holding it within safe boundaries.

Green is Good for winning over Diabetes-

Dense green vegetables are the best option for fighting diabetes; regular consumption of leafy veggies can cut the risk of suffering from the malady by 14%. A special study has proved that consuming green leafy eatables on a daily basis keeps heart-strokes, diabetes and obesity at bay for life.

Non-Starchy Vegetables-

Alike green veggies, some non-green, non-starchy vegetables such as garlic, eggplant, onion and mushrooms consist of important components that are anti-diabetic. They are high on fiber and have almost zero effect on blood glucose levels, hence proving to be an effective solution.


Talking of low GL foods, beans are best source for them. Lentils, Legumes and Beans are ultimate sources for diabetes preventing food intakes as they include a good amount of protein and are rich in fiber content too. Apart from being a sound preventer of diabetes; beans are healthy in keeping down the risk of colon cancer.

Nuts and Seeds-

Nuts and Seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect and prevent the developments of insulin resistance. The study at a Nurse Health experiment have discovered amazing results as consumption of nuts and seeds for 5 or more servings per week reduced the risk of diabetes and heart ailments by 27%. Moreover, nurses who had diabetes were safeguarded and the risk of heart diseases dropped by a whopping 47%.

Fresh Fruits-

Fruits of course are proved to be good for health irrespective of the sickness covered. Fresh regular supply of fruits provide ample amount of anti-oxidants and fiber which are advantageous for all. Moreover, consuming fruits is the best way of satisfying the want of sweet for diabetics as they are a better nutritious source of sweet taste. A study has found that non-diabetics consuming servings of fruits everyday can avoid the disease as the risk is dropped by 18% with every three servings.

However, for diabetics there are few fruits which are low on glucose content such as Kiwi, Berries, Oranges and Melons. Regular consumption of these fruits in their fresh state can really help control the life threatening condition.