Bicycles- an Industry Pedaling Fast ahead

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Pedal your way ahead!

Bicycles and humans have a very close association with each other. Since its origin in the early nineteenth century, it has become a very convenient and easy mode of transportation for the people. This human powered, pedal driven two wheel vehicle attached to a frame became a popular way of conveyance for the people. Its invention not only had an enormous impact on the society, but also helped in the modern industrialisation. A vehicle driven on a triangular frame, spoked wheels and chain repelled sprockets became a symbol of the common man. This invention not only helped the man in having a cheap means of transportation for himself, but also helped in pedaling the economy too.


Bicycle today has become a very important component of everyday’s life. Be it for commercial purpose or recreational, cycles are used everywhere.  The milkman, the newspaper guy, the bakery man or the postman, it is being used by everyone.  A large group of industrial workers in many parts of the world use these bikes as their only method of commuting. Also in remote areas where there are very limited or no means of transportation at all, they come very handy. They are also utilized for recreation, fitness and racing purposes. Bicycles are a great tool for physical fitness. The human power that is used for riding bicycles helps in maintaining and building good health. Also, it is a lovely way of recreating yourself, enjoying the natural ambiance outside. Bicycle racing has also emerged as a very popular sport in the current era. A special cycle race event called ‘Tour De France’ is held every year for cycle racing athletes and fans. Even in the Olympics, cycle race holds a very important place. Freestyle BMX biking and stunts are also a popular form of sport among the youngsters riding bikes.

They not only provide an easy mode of commuting, but it's a most environmentally friendly vehicle on earth. As it uses only human power, there is absolutely no pollution caused by it. Many major companies including automotive giants like Mercedes, BMW and Mclaren have their huge range of bicycles in the market. They come in all shapes and sizes. From kid’s bike to a full grown adult bicycle, from regular cycles to racing and mountain bikes, cycles for all age groups and all specifications are available. Many of them even come with gear assembly with 5 to 7 gear ratio. They not only help you to ride the bike comfortably, but to gain speed as well.

The Indian cycle industry has too seen a significant growth. As the most of the area still falls in rural areas, the need for bicycles ever remains for transportation internally. As per some reports, there was a sale of 12 million units all over the country. Beside the rural areas, they are used in the urban areas as well. With the higher disposable income of the upper and the lower middle the sales figure is set to go even higher. As the companies are launching new models and cycle ranges along with the accessories, this sector can hope for a steady rise.

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