Blood pressure, diabetes, smoking among biggest killers in India: Study


smokingIndians dying of diseases related to high blood pressure and smoking in count is exceeding the ones who are falling prey to malnutrition and other tropical illness. Latest research studies connecting health issues in India and regions around has indicated a steep rise in deaths due to cardiovascular complications and related health risk factors.

The period between 1990-2013 the healthcare segment has declined by many times. The cases of high blood pressure and cholesterol have more than doubled. Moreover, the rise in outdoor pollution is more than 60% during the same period, which is actively contributing to future health hazards.

Alcohol is a big Danger!!!

Most people in the country especially youngsters are used to partying. The trends have grown so much so that most of them have turned regulars. Excessive intake of alcohol is a problem that is just getting bigger by the day, studies have projected a whopping 97% rise in deaths due to alcohol.

According to Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), India stood the most effected nation due to undernourishment. The records show there was around 9 lakh deaths during the 1990’s. However, the case now is not as risky as it was.

On the other side deaths due to unstable blood pressures was on the lower count, which has shot up by many times at present.

According to WHO, there will be 100% rise in deaths due to cardiac aliments


Going by the study, unstable blood pressure, blood sugar and pollution all together caused around 3.3 million premature deaths in 2013 alone.

Following the health risk factors is consumption of tobacco-smoking is the prominent ill-habit that is causing various forms of cancers resulting to fatal ends.