Bottled Water Market Increased by 6% in 2012 After a Slowdown


Bottled Water 1When your throat is parched, no drink can give as much relief as water. No amount of carbonated drink, alcohol or juice can take the place of water. Water is very important for a human body. And our body also has more than 70% of water. Water is found from many sources. The best available water to drink is bottled water. The purified and processed bottled water is in great demand. People avoid consuming tap or purified water to avoid getting sick as there is a rise in water pollution.

Bottled water is drinking water usually distilled, spring or mineral water which is in a glass or plastic water bottle. Bottled water has seen a steady growth and now contributes a major share in the soft drink industry. The demand for bottled water has seen a consistent demand after 2009 largely due to an awareness created among people about safe water consumption. Bottled water is very convenient while travelling. And it is also easily available in the remotest of remote place.

A market research report states that there is a consistent increase in the market off-trade value, there was an increase of 13% in 2011 and 6% in 2012. This shows that the market is slowly making their way to the top.

More and more people are becoming health conscious and the need for clean good water has become a necessity for people. The bottled market will be slowly graduating to be in the top position of beverage sector.