Bringing Back Mother Earth to Good Health


Many wealthy people are participating now compared to the past

Bringing Back Mother Earth to Good HealthJust like the use of technologies, global catastrophes are even easily imaginable now. This wasn’t the case a few years ago; it is scarier as things can go wrong beyond imaginations, thankfully 2015 has bought in some massive affective changes that may matter in the disaster situations. Therefore, how can we stop things from getting out of control?

Forces working as saviors:

Bill and Melinda Gates are well known as the most wealthy couple of this universe, they are also equally known for their good deeds-the charity projects they take up to help and improve the lives of poor. Global sustainability is one of the major issues that Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation is fighting hard against. They are effectively covering each and every part of the Earth and trying to find solutions to the several dilemmas faced by it and the people dwelling around. Though it was a concern for a few to start with; the global climatic and environment degradation problem is now an omnipresent worry. Super economies like USA and China have started getting themselves involved and have started contributing in every way possible.

Top Environmental Issues and the ways to resolve them:

Water- Don’t waste the treasure:

Water utilization and management has been a great challenge for every country around the globe. Around 70% of the freshwater from rivers and groundwater goes into agriculture purposes. Heavy investments by powerful economies are being made in research activities on water utilization and management. Ocean warming and eutrophication-which is pollution happening due to fertilizers are other concerns related to aqua systems.

Measures like drip irrigation, water harvesting and zero tillage system can increase water productivity by 50%.


They are surely sole factors to improve water utilization and management globally.

Climate Change- Deep Decarbonisation is the need of the hour:

Climate change is a serious denting problem for the atmosphere and enough is been spread on the Internet about it. Limiting the carbon emission is one of the most effective measures that can be applied in order to slow down the change. In 1991, Sweden imposed a fine of $100 carbon tax per every tonne released, hence the quick measure allowed the economy to blossom without the unwanted emission. Similar steps are required to be initiated in developing countries as well in order to cut down on carbon emission levels.

However, measures have taken off and this is a good step towards healthy, happier lifespan for the citizens of the countries. Asia countries are keeping a watch on the emission levels from their regions. China has already invested undeclared massive amount on renewables and this is all set to alter the energy supply chain in the future years.

Ozone Depletion is slowing down- a thing to cheer about:     

Global ban on use of CFC’s chlorofluorocarbons has worked brilliantly towards slowing down the damage to the ozone layer. This has been a great move taken up together by international forces that stands as a burning example.

Smart Planet removes loss of Biodiversity:

Millions of species have gone extinct since the evolution of Earth and most of them have happened due to the human based developments. It’s time to just not reduce but to stop the loss of biodiversity one set for all. Smart environment management, advanced agricultural methods and integrated aquaculture systems are few measures which are in practice among countries around the world in order to save different kinds of livelihoods on earth.

Afforestation-more support needed from businesses:

Afforestation is an ancient practice of growing greenery around and the advantages of the same are plenty. Efforts from business houses using nature-forests have gone up by bounds over decades. Unilever the giant multinational corporation that purchases 3% of the global palm oil supply every year has declared that it will purchase palm oil only from the known sources. There are several other steps taken towards betterment of nature by the company and also by other renowned corporations.

Besides these, Air and Fertilizer pollutions are paining concerns for the world and forces together are working towards finding solutions for issues which may malign the good health of earth. Undoubtedly, it’s time to act.