By 2030, Global List for Strongest Economies Will Have New Names


Global-List-for-Strongest-Economies-Will-Have-New-NamesWhich are the country names that strike your mind when asked about healthy economy? It may be America-for almost every one of us, China-maybe from Asian region or even Germany or Japan for some. However, in the next 15 years span most of this list will undergo alteration and the ranks in which countries are measured now will change.

The US agriculture department has come out macroeconomic projections upto 2030; according to the predicted list USA will continue to remain the frontier with a massive yearly output totaling to $24.8 trillion. Gross domestic product (GDP) projected for the year 2015 is $16.8 trillion, the country’s worth in the year 2006 was around 25% of the total world economy, which is estimated to go down to 23% to 20% between the 2015-2030.

Asian countries on the other end will accelerate as China’s GDP will grow thrice the present number, thus helping to bridge the economic gap between global superpowers and Asian nations.

Indian economy by 2030:

India is estimated to be the 8th largest economy in the world by 2016.


It is estimated that India will be the strongest among all developing economies by 2016. The situation is predicted to be improving hugely by 2030 was it is projected to surpass Brazil, France, UK, Germany and Japan-going to the 3rd position. India is likely to have the largest and youngest workforce in the next 15 years according to IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Other countries and their economies by 2030:

  • Japan which was the most roaring economy in the 1990’s has already slowed down in its growth. The condition is projected to decline further as by 2030 it is estimated to end up on a ranking below its present spot.
  • Italy will go down by 2 spots and France will slide by 3 spots; both the countries are said to degrade in their positions following the global economic meltdown that happened in 2008-09.
  • Uganda will be the most improved countries amongst the African group which will climb up by 18 spots to the rank of 91. Jamaica will be the most surrendered nation bumping down 13 spots to the 136th rank.
  • Amidst all the assumptions; India and China are tagged to be the most explosive economies of the world with growth rates ranging from 3% to 8% annually.