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CambodiaMobileDespite its position as a least developed nation and staying as one of the lesser nations in Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s initiatives to develop and update its telecommunications facilities are bearing fruit. There were very little facilities available before the tumultuous Khmer Vermeil days. As a result, Cambodia side stepped into restoring the fixed-line industry and quickly released into alternative technology, jump-starting its telecoms facilities with technology. Needlessly to say, cell phone services completely confused the industry, at least in the start. Nowadays there are between 8 to 10 cell phone providers intensely competiting with each other in an industry section that shows ongoing development at a healthy rate on a year on year basis. There were around 13,000 cellular members (penetration 86%) that had entered in 2012 which is set to increase to 17,000 by end-2012. The cellular (mobile) industry is ongoing at a very powerful growth stage (40% plus annually) and is constantly of interest for international providers looking to be a part of it