Carpets and Rugs Spreading World Presence


Carpets and RugsUtilization Beautified

Carpets and Rugs have been of constant usage in our routine life. We tend to use them on a day-to-day basis but have we given a thought to their importance, what would it be if we didn’t find one? Carpets and Rugs surely come handy for cleaning purpose but are at the same time utilized for the home or work place decor needs. The history of producing carpets and rugs go way back in time. Carpets in specific are believed to be manufactured in the late 1700’s for the industrial usage. However, soon the commodity found new takers as the modifications and the creativity in their varieties caught massive attention all over the globe.

The industry blossomed much later in the 1930’s when different skills like weaving carpets, rugs and mats caught up pace. Today, the industry is well spread and has it presence in almost every country of the world. The business runs into millions per year and there is a stable demand. One is sure to get confused when it comes to choosing from various sorts of carpets and rugs’; getting the right type suitable to the place and usage is a tough task. Presently, use of carpets and rugs are made to cover floors in home (living areas) or even at the work place. This is done according to the taste and shape of the place and also taking into consideration the atmosphere preferred. Woven carpets are on peak demand followed by the other materials; at large people want to feel the comfort of using these and add on the beauty of the area where these are utilized.

If concentrated on the industrial growth of carpets and rugs it is easy to note that the commodity has a healthy command in different countries of the globe. The growth of this industry is estimated to be at a whopping 9.8% per annum in the years to follow. This growth prediction is expected to go ahead in some countries where the usage is large in numbers. Countries like Morocco, Greece, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Kyrgyzstan are believed to record major sales on an annual basis in the future years; their annual growths are might touch 19%, 18.5, 18.4, 16.7% and 16.3% in the same country wise order.

Besides these, the Asian countries such as India, China and Pakistan are wide users as well as manufactures present in the industry. The United States, Japan, Turkey and UK are tremendous markets for various carpets and rugs produced.

The current trend in the Carpet and Rug industry see wove to be the primary material out of which the end products are made of. Woven carpets and rugs made of man-made materials fill up more than half of the space in the industry that is 56.1% to be precise of the total world market. The remaining share of the market is divided as given below

  • Carpets and rugs made of animal hair and wool- 18.3%
  • Handmade carpets and rugs- 5.6%
  • Carpets and rugs made of coconut fiber/ Coir carpets and rugs-2.0%

Woven carpets and rugs made of other materials-18.2%

The segment growth between the years 2007-2013 was recorded to be an average of 4% yearly and is expected to perform way better as the field is turning highly technology equipped and competitive.