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Welcoming Brazil – New Trendsetter of the Beauty Industry

Have you ever noticed a crowd of Brazilians on the beach, or in the football stands, or strolling along city streets? One thing stands out – they have style. Brazilians like to look and be beautiful, for

The Indian Fairness Market and the Unfair Colour Discrimination

India is a country famous for its culture, natural scenic beauty, history, Bollywood, festivals and….beautiful women. Indian women, according to many beauty experts, are the best-looking women on earth. From popular painter Raja Ravi Varma of the

5 reasons why the US Weight Loss Market is Shrinking

For years, the US has been battling with concerns over obesity and overweight, with over 68.8% of its adult population falling under ‘overweight or obese’ category. However, increase in health consciousness and awareness has encouraged 77% of


Latest product developments with the use of intense research works and technology backing have been the path for skin care industry, keeping it among the most active industries of 2015. This has been a flip side of

Toothpaste Industry worldwide to be valued at $12.6 bn by 2015

Oral health segment on a growth drive, thanks to the rising global awareness Oral healthcare industry includes various products which are toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash liquid, dental cleaner and toothpowder. The last on the given list is a