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Shoes to Choose – Comfort or Cute

Dropping children to school, hurrying to office, missing lunch, pushing back deadlines, hitting the gym – modern life needs the quickness of both body and mind. In all these chores, our primary mode of transportation – feet
Mar 18, 2019

Indian Banks Soon To Offer Personal Loans Through ATMs!

Can we imagine a life without ATMs and ATM cards? Very difficult, right? Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) have made the process of banking and money transfer very simple and convenient for us. It is possible to shop,

Results for the Pre-Festive Season in Indian E-commerce is out and this is what it looks like

The festivities are just a few days away and there’s a rat-race among the e-tailer already. In fact, in the mid of all the crazy promotions (every second advertisement on TV is an e-commerce brand) under the

AIR-CONDITIONING INDUSTRY to be worth $16bn by 2015

Emerging countries is witnessing a sharp 10% growth Post millennium year there was a talk that the air-conditioning (A/C) industry around the globe is coming to a rest as sales were estimated to go down and the

DIWALI-Expected to Spark Profitable trends into the Indian Economy

Diwali- is among the biggest festivals celebrated in India and most parts of the world. It is believed to be a fest which is commemorated the victory of good or evil. Lights, sweets and new dresses are

Wall Covering Market to be Valued $29 Billion by the Year 2017

Demand for wallpaper products is estimated to grow by 7.3% annually From a dull economy in the year 2010, things have picked up well for the home and commercial décor products, especially the wallpaper products have seen

Global Fragrance Industry to be worth $ 38.8 Billion by 2017

Women Fragrance segment has 62% share in the UK fragrance market Fragrance industry has spread wide into all countries of the globe. Scents with vast varieties have established strong footholds in many global leading economies having a

Global Stationery Market to be Worth $ 155.4 BN by 2015

Indian Stationery Sector is Estimated a Growth of 10-15% for the Next Annual Worldwide stationery industry is an absolute heterogeneous business which includes the paper industry as its primary segment. This industry has demands in schools, colleges,

Brazil – The Global Retail Destination

Brazil is world’s 5th largest apparel market During the late 90’s Brazil was just like any other growing economies of the globe which was growing at a less than a normal pace. However, slowly there was an

Retailing Industry to Uplift the Shopping Craze

Global Retail Market to Reach $10 Trillion Mark Soon The line of difference between the Global E-commerce market and the Global Retail market is fast vanishing. All of these are set to venture into a sea space