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India’s got the POWER to be the World’s most Dynamic Power Industry!

India’s power industry has been one of the most dynamic one in the world given the variety of sources it uses for generation, transmission and distribution of energy. The country is the world’s third largest electricity producer

India to be a NO WATER LAND by 2025

Just when the future started turning bright (investments in tech and smart cities happening) for India, there’s a bad news in the form of a report issued by the World Bank. According to the report findings; India


Crude oil prices lowest in record 6 years Following the globe oil price dip there are several turnovers in different countries and the manner in which they are going about in their oil trading business. Indian oil

Bringing Back Mother Earth to Good Health

Many wealthy people are participating now compared to the past Just like the use of technologies, global catastrophes are even easily imaginable now. This wasn’t the case a few years ago; it is scarier as things can

Indian Power Industry to get investments of $250 billion

Innovation is fast getting to the roots of India, every village, town and city is running towards the wave changes that are happening in the business world. The changes have bought about massive alterations in the minds

The Indian Coal League- ICL

Auctions of coal mines to raise more than 7 lakh crores INR A total of six states is expected to earn a potential 80,000 crores INR by auctioning 12 coal mines, as is the richness of the

Oil Industry gains after a rollercoaster drive, Up by 4%

A barrel rose above $60 for the first in 2015 Brent oil entered the bull market for the time this year on Friday the 6th of February. This surely comes as sigh of relief for all in

Indian Smart Cities-Big Picture of the India of Tomorrow

Each Smart City will result in Employment, Productivity and Economic Development India is one of the largest markets for smartphones; this is known business news in the present scenario. Especially, after the governance change that happened recently;

Oil Prices tumbling down….Is it GOOD or BAD for the World?

12/12/2014 saw the prices breach down to a 5 year low The constant dripping of oil rates have been moaning news for last few months. However, the initial reactions for the decrease were positive as most of
Dec 15, 2014

Smart Grid Technology-For Eco Friendly Living

Smart Grid, the smarter way to use electric grid The term “Smart Grid” was first heard in the article “Grids get smart protection and control” written by Damir Novosel, Khoi Vu and Miroslaw M. Begovic published in