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US Recycling Industry-A Junkyard with Mind Blowing Revenues

Recycling- method of turning rages into riches Have you ever thought what happens to the empty cold drink can or a waste paper once you dispose it off in the dustbin. It is ought to have crossed

A Synopsis of Nuclear Power in the United States

Powering up the Superpower America or commonly known as United States of America, the fourth largest continent as well as country in the world and consisting the third largest population. It comprises of fifty states, sixteen territories

Global Waste to Energy Plant Market to Grow at a CAGR of 5.35% by 2016

Most of the countries are headed to be in number one position. More number of industries means growth in the economy. But what about the waste produced by these industries, and its effect to the environment. People

Renewable Energy to Contribute 20% to the Energy Supply Needs

Renewable energy has appeared as a large sector in the global energy combination because huge investments has occurred on a worldwide scale. Renewable energy is the form of energy which is constantly replenished by the environment like

Wood and Wood Products Market will Raise 3.1 % GDP by 2015

Wood, a special gift from God to the mankind has proved to be one of the best used materials form ancient to the modern times. Wood is the hard part of a tree which can be used

Solar Panels Can Bring Many Benefits

Stories about climate change, which have remained in the news for the last decades have made people more and more conscious about the energy saving. But they should take a more vital step by actually implementing the

Wind Energy Plays a Vital Role Around the Globe

Wind energy performs a central role in many countries’ immediate and long run energy plans. After 15 years of average collective development rates of about 28 percent, international commercial wind energy set ups in about 80 nations

Wind Turbine Industry: China, US, India, and Brazil Will Stand to Gain Market Share in the Future

The business of producing electric power from wind flow is growing and is set to flourish as the United State, Chinese suppliers, and the world looks for better, more maintainable ways to produce electricity power. Lucintel considers

China – The World’s Largest Wind Energy Market With 22% of Global Installed Capacity

Concerns over international warming, crude oil value, and increasing power demand are generating international interest in alternative resources to meet the globe’s power requirements. Wind energy is a clean, speedily growing power source. Investment in wind power

Oil Shale Market Research

International oil shale supplies are wide, approximated to be over twice as big as traditional oil supplies. With high oil prices and globe power demand set to increase consistently, oil shale offers a huge opportunity for certain