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Global Markets for Non-Alcoholic Drinks surging up

Soft drinks and Non-alcoholic beer markets cruising   The world is turning into a healthier place….finally!!! It is the most positive trend witnessed since the massive industrialization movement started ages ago. Due to the heavy productions of tobacco

Business in Frozen Food Market isn’t frozen…to be worth $ 186 billion by 2015

Rising Crust Products result a 32% increase in frozen pizza annual sales The Frozen Food industry runs on the freezing techniques which preserves food items from the time they are prepared till the time of their consumption.

Global Fertilizers Industry to soar to $ 172 billion by 2015

Phosphates (P2O5), Potash (K2O) and Nitrogen (N) are major nutrients in the global fertilizer industry The global agricultural industry especially the fertilizer sector which is one of the prime and a non- detachable part of the industry

Middle East Dairy consumption grows by 50% in just 5 years

GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) names Saudi Arabia as the largest dairy market Production of dairy products is growing at a brisk rate and it is happening on a constant basis. Countries irrespective of their economic status –developed

Indian Chocolate Industry to grind profits worth $ 3.2 bn by 2018

Luxury Chocolate market grow by 35% for the year 2013 “Chocolate”, this word brings a glitter to most of our eyes and a bright smile to many faces. We can start talking about the types of chocolate

Global Fruits and Vegetables Industry-A Complete Insight

Frozen fruits and vegetables industry to reach 22.6 million tons by 2015 Fruits and Vegetables are couple of commodities which cannot be restricted or ignored no matter how costly the economy turns. These are eatables required for

Indian Tea Industry to be worth 33k crores INR by 2015

Unorganized (non-branded) players account to 10% of the market It was during the trade periods of the East India Company of the British when the inception of tea plantation is trusted to begin. The company converted mass

Fast Food Industry Cooking up Success this 2014

Global Fast Food Industry posted revenue of $ 551 billion Fast food as most of us would be aware is the term given to food items which can be prepared in no time, quickly: within a few

Energy Drinks Rejuvenating Sales Globally

The industry to grow at a CAGR of 13.38% in between 2013 and 2018 There are a bunch of companies with their brands of energy drinks, in fact; their numbers have shot up tremendously in the recent

Indian Bakery Industry to Bake Puffy Profits

Indian Bakery Sector delivers crisp profits Generally the eatables industry is doing brisk business all over the globe and it is of no surprise. The global bakery industry is of no exception as it is baking fresh