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Restaurant Industry 2014 – Is Hot and Tasty

Restaurant Business Cooking Up Unpredictable Profits In the early 18th century or even before came in the concept of “Restaurant” in countries like the US, China and the Greek culture. This was initially the concept of small

Indian Ice-cream Industry Eyeing Potential Rural Market

Rural areas hold key markets for ice-cream companies in India Yakhchal were underground cool storing chambers in the ancient Persia regions. These chambers were used to store snow ice for usage during the hot climate. Persian people

Chinese Noodles Market Heating Up

Instant noodles industry faces some instant competition   Spell out NOODLES and the first thing that hits you is the place China. Chinese food has found many foodies across the globe. In fact, it is one of those

The Food Processing Industry Slated for Enhancement in Revenues

Food processing dates back to the prehistoric periods when basic processing incorporated slaughtering, fermenting, sun drying, preserving with salt and various types of cooking methods such as smoking, roasting, steaming and baking. Now with the technological advancement,

Tea Industry Of India – Sipping on Market Growth

Let’s have a cup of tea Tea holds a very unique place in the lives of people. Right from getting up in the morning, a get together; just for spending time, welcoming the guest or just to

Noodles: Serving an Instant Growth Factor

Twisty and curly Appetite   Sometimes you come home hungry and desperately look for something to eat. But all the other stuff requires a hell lot of toil to prepare and you are in no mood to do

Agriculture of India- The Main Back Bone of Indian Economy

Cultivating crops of growth The lunch time in the office, the recess in school, the buffet at party and dinner time at our home, what is the common factor in all of them? Food! It is the

The Economic and Cultural Story of West Bengal

The Soul of Eastern India The state of West Bengal has held a very significant place in the economical, cultural and historical entity of India. Located in the eastern end of the country, it was a hub

The Traditional and Financial Story of Maharashtra

The Pride of Western India  Maharashtra, a state based in the western region of  India bordered by the Arabian Sea in the west, and surrounded by the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and

Potato Chips – an overview of the market

Crisp and Crunchy Most of us always look for a snack that we can pop up easily. While travelling, watching movie or just for passing the time. And many of us have had those sliced potatoes which