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Savory Snacks Market to Value $96.5 Billion By 2016

The world is divided between two people. One who loves savory and the other who love sweets. And there’s a category who loves both, most of the people fall in that category. Savory refers to those snacks

Bottled Water Market Increased by 6% in 2012 After a Slowdown

When your throat is parched, no drink can give as much relief as water. No amount of carbonated drink, alcohol or juice can take the place of water. Water is very important for a human body. And

Over the Past 100 Years Cheese Prices Increased at 3.3% CAGR

My earliest memory of cheese was seeing it in my favorite cartoon Tom & Jerry. Cheese has always been synonymous with the mouse. But it’s not only Jerry who loved it, kids, teens and people of all

Enjoy Your Ice Cream, it’s Ice Cream Month

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream, the song recorded in 1929 by a group called “Waring’s Pennsylvanians has undoubtedly become the song for ice cream lovers. Who could say a no to ice

We All Love Cereals: Traditional Breakfast Gets Replaced By Cereals

In this age of speed, no one wants to slow down. From Hi speed internet, cars, and trains to speedy breakfasts. Long leisurely breakfast has become a history, gone are those days when everyone enjoyed king sized

Emerging Economies Rules the Edible Oil Market

Imagine your favorite dish without dash oil, couldn’t imagine right. Maybe it is your favorite, as it contains olive or sunflower oil that adds a distinct taste to the dish. Vegetable or Edible oil always finds its

Juice Market Gaining Popularity Amongst Health Conscious

The juices were present in the market for a long time but since past few years they are prominently grabbing attention and space in the beverage category. The credit for this sudden popularity goes to the introduction

Wine Market Getting Back it’s Foothold in the Market

There is an old saying that in good times, people drink to celebrate. In bad times, they drink to commiserate. Wine is synonymous with celebrations, while making a toast or while on a date. Different variants of

I’m On a Diet : Diet Market to Grow In Coming Years

Do you have anything that is less fattening; you see I’m on a diet. This is a classic statement most of the dieters say. Dieting has become a rage in this era of health consciousness. People unlike

Hot Cross Buns Selling Like Hot Cakes: Rising Demand in Bakery Products

Old habits die hard. Even now whenever I see a bakery my mind replays a rhyme learnt in my childhood, Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One ha’ penny, two ha’ penny, Hot cross buns! Entering a