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Global Tile Industry to gross $ 92.78 billion by 2015

The economic regression days were hovering for most industries around the globe. Construction sector was one of the worst hit businesses that faced a complete dry phase both in India as well as aboard. Due to this

Global Glass Packaging Industry: Touch $60 bn by 2019

Glass packages make for solid barriers Glass Packaging sounded to be a difficult term at first, however after reading into its content one finds out how often he or she is using the concept on a daily

Optic Fiber Components Market to be Worth $31.3 Billion by 2015

Optic Fiber cables production to go up to 204 million kilometers by 2017 A slightly thicker material than human hair, fiber element made of plastic or silica (extruded glass) which is transparent and elastic is commonly famous

Printing Industry- An Overall Global Review

Print Industry enjoys a total of 51 country market worldwide Printing is an activity of reproduction an image or any content on a paper or any suitable surface using ink. This is an industrial process and is

Asian Demand Triggers the Global Rubber Market

Global rubber market elastics profits, thanks to Asian demand Rubber is a natural product. It is in widespread usage in our routine daily life and almost is ubiquitous helping the world in countless activities. Rubber is waterproof,

Paper Industry-Forecast 2014-2018

Bailing out a stable performance First the world economy strike down, then the slow speed recovery, lowered customer demand and tough competition from electronic mediums along with increasing prices of energy required. Problems are plenty but the

Cold Chain Industry in India to Touch $15 Billion by Next 5 Years

India’s overall perishable food production per year gross to 350 million tonnes Food safety is a major issue in India, so much so that it was one of the top reasons for the recent change of government

World Bricks Industry to Construct a $182.6 BN Market by 2015

Impressive Product Innovations and use of Sustainable Construction Technologies helping brick industry grow Brick is a single unit block of treated clay with a mixture of sand and lime which is fire hardened or air dried. This

Indian Toy Manufacturing Sector to Touch 13k Crores by 2015

There are around 4 crores kids in the age group of 4 to 12 years Unlike talks and observations about the domestic toy market coming to a close due to the dominance of the international markets exporting

With Google Driverless Cars Now Get RID of the Long Existing Driving Stress

Will these be permanent solutions for deaths due to vehicular accidents? Beware; you may not need to fasten those seatbelts ever. Here we are, in a world which has seen it all; from invention of motor cars
Jun 11, 2014