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Global Home Automation & Controls Market Set to Boom

Turn your home into the automatic mode Home Automation is a step ahead of building automation. Life as all know is flying off at a jet speed with loads to do within a limited span of time.

Indian Chemical Industry Trends 2014

Specialty Chemicals to have a double digit growth As per chemistry, a chemical substance is a particular form of matter which includes constant chemical composition along with its properties. To put into a regular definition, a chemical substance

Global Demand for Kaolin to Cross 28.5mn Metric Tons by 2017

An essential ingredient with robust market Named after the Chinese hill ‘Kao-ling’, Kaolin is probably one of the oldest Chinese ingredients, it was passed on by a French Jesuit missionary to Europe as one of the sample

China – The Superpower in Shipbuilding Industry

China ruling the sea – Transporting Industry The initiation of the shipbuilding industry goes back to the late 1200’s when the Yuan Dynasty was the in-charge. Several war ships were constructed during this period and there were

Submarines: The Stealthy Power of the Navy

The wolves of sea The concept of an underwater boat comes from the distant past. The ancient ‘underwater boat’, then called ‘Submersibles’, and now the ‘Submarines’ of the present time, are a sort of invisible power of

Indian Railways- India’s Economy on Wheels

Train travel has always been an exciting affair. The anxiety to catch the train on time and then the relief after boarding it. To watch the view outside the window of the passing towns, villages and fields,

Military Helicopters – Giving the Market Growth a Vertical Takeoff

Ready to engage the enemy Helicopters in the modern era of aviation have played a very important role. It’s a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by rotors and has capability of taking

Superbikes- Riding Fast on Road of Growth in India

Scorch the road!! Most of us always want to own a machine where we can zip away between the traffic with ease. Where with a slight acceleration given to it will make it go like a bullet.
Mar 21, 2014

Bicycles- an Industry Pedaling Fast ahead

Pedal your way ahead! Bicycles and humans have a very close association with each other. Since its origin in the early nineteenth century, it has become a very convenient and easy mode of transportation for the people.

Trucks-Rolling the Financial System of the Country

Carrying the load of Economy When you move outside of your home, you often see large vehicles moving to and fro with big amount of load on their back roaring across the road. Those vehicles are trucks.