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Meat Lovers Keep the Poultry Market Busy

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This unsolved question has kept people guessing for an answer for a long time. From Aristotle to scientists many gave their versions. But for meat lovers it doesn’t matter

Packaging Industry to Flourish in the Nearer Future

Packaging is the ability to wrap, enclose and shield any products from getting damaged which in turn helps in the distribution, sale and storage of goods. Not a single thing is sold in the market without packaging.

Ever Growing Food Packaging Market

During the 90’s, the trend of packaged food was limited to few beverages and food items, people preferred to have them on occasions. But the ever changing lifestyle of people has increased the consumption of packaged food.

The Global Carbon Fiber Market to witness a double-digit growth annually!!!

We often come across the phrase – ‘stronger than steel’ in our daily life which is linked to ‘Carbon Fiber’. Simply speaking, Carbon fiber is nothing but fiber made of carbon. It is a material made up

Green House Farming Reduces the Harvesting Period by Half

A greenhouse is a glass or plastic structure which is used for the cultivation and protection of plants. It is made with transparent materials and is big enough to cultivate plants under controlled environmental conditions to get

Fiber Glass Market to Reach $6.4 Million

Fiberglass is a hugely flexible material which combines its light weight with an intrinsic strength to give a corrosion resistant finish, with a multiplicity of outside textures. It is also comparatively lower in cost than a lot

India Ranks Highest in Fertilizer Consumption

The fertilizer industry makes certain that farmers have the nutrients they require to cultivate sufficient crops to meet the world’s necessities for food, fiber and energy. The fertilizers manufactured in the industry are referred to as mineral

Fiber Reinforced Plastics Pipe Industry in North America is Predicted to Reach $ 563.1M by 2015

Growth of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) pipe in the previous 10 decades has been richer because of their benefits over pipe made of conventional components like metal, concrete and plastic components. Their excellent technical and anti-corrosion qualities,

Worldwide Carbon Fiber Market to Reach $2.3 Billion in 2015

The carbon fiber is a new reproduce of high strength material. In latest years, carbon fibers as well as materials have found wide applications in a commercial airplane, along with leisurely (about 50% transmission in golf and

North America FRP Tank Market

Fiber Strengthened Plastics (FRP) skill came into existence during the Global War II until then the tank was made of metal and other conventional components. Later in Sixties additional efficient production procedures and progression in material technological