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India Ranks Highest in Fertilizer Consumption

The fertilizer industry makes certain that farmers have the nutrients they require to cultivate sufficient crops to meet the world’s necessities for food, fiber and energy. The fertilizers manufactured in the industry are referred to as mineral

Fiber Reinforced Plastics Pipe Industry in North America is Predicted to Reach $ 563.1M by 2015

Growth of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) pipe in the previous 10 decades has been richer because of their benefits over pipe made of conventional components like metal, concrete and plastic components. Their excellent technical and anti-corrosion qualities,

Worldwide Carbon Fiber Market to Reach $2.3 Billion in 2015

The carbon fiber is a new reproduce of high strength material. In latest years, carbon fibers as well as materials have found wide applications in a commercial airplane, along with leisurely (about 50% transmission in golf and

North America FRP Tank Market

Fiber Strengthened Plastics (FRP) skill came into existence during the Global War II until then the tank was made of metal and other conventional components. Later in Sixties additional efficient production procedures and progression in material technological

Global Composites Industry

The composites business (industry) is a modern community of technicians and business owners. As of 2009, the $42 billion dollars US compounds market contains over 3,000 different organizations. Because composites are so extensively utilized, the majority of

The Share of the Large Tractor Sector to Rise Significantly and Outdo Mid-Size Tractor Sales by 2016

Indian Tractor business: “Growth to slow down from present stages in the short term” The Tractor manufacturing has always been a measure of the state of non-urban economic system in Indian country. The Native Indian tractor industry

An Indian Aerospace Industry Expected to be Worth US $23.52 Billion by 2016

According to Lucintel’s review “Indian Aerospace and MRO Market” the Indian aerospace market and industry has knowledgeable considerably developed during the last 5 decades and is predicted to achieve at US $23.52 billion dollars with a CAGR

Carbon Fiber Market Estimated to be Worth $2.9 Billion by 2016

Over the past 12 months, the height of demand for carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composites has continually improved in synch with the number of commercial programs using blended materials. From aerospace, to sports equipment, to

Natural Fiber Composite Materials Market to Touch US $531 Million in the Next 4 Years

Organic fiber compounds are mostly driven by increasing environmental awareness. Additionally, the materials’ low price, low density, acceptable specific qualities, ease of separating, enhanced energy recovery, CO2 neutrality, biodegradability, and Eco friendly qualities, have focused attention on

Global Automotive Bumper Industry to be Worth US $24.8 Billion Till 2017

The international automobile bumper market income is predicted to reach an approximated US $24.8 billion dollars in 2017 with a CAGR of 4.6% over the next five decades (2012-2017). The growing attention to eco-friendly technology has been the