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Donate Blood Save Life!!!

We usually are very lucky to see and have people with good physical health around us. But few people need a regular blood intake. One should help other by donating blood to the needy people and saving

Genetic Testing, Prenatal & Maternal Diagnostics Global Market

With the growing technology the birth process is getting much uncomplicated, Stem Cell and various other research studies carried on in different advanced countries of the globe. These research activities enable the uncovering of many preventive measures

Blood pressure, diabetes, smoking among biggest killers in India: Study

Indians dying of diseases related to high blood pressure and smoking in count is exceeding the ones who are falling prey to malnutrition and other tropical illness. Latest research studies connecting health issues in India and regions


According to a report from the Department of Pharmaceutical, under Government of India (GOI) the domestic market for pharma products stands at $12.26 billion by the end of 2012. The same is expected to cross a whopping


Industry projected a 30% CAGR worldwide The Food and Drug Administration’s “Orphan Drug Amendment” act of 1988 defined Medical Foods as foods that are specifically formulated and intended for the dietary management of a disease that has

Being too SWEET is killing you…Know how?

Being too SWEET is killing you…Know how? Diabetes for sure is carrying a war against mankind globally. Recent research works on the ailment has bought out few hard hitting facts and figures which will actually uncover the

Global Cord Blood Services industry estimated to peg to $ 15.2 bn by 2019

The concept of “Cord Blood’ and its related service are among the top headlines in the global healthcare circle. According to the recent reports on the upcoming medical technology, it is all staged to extensively expand on

Global Cosmetics Surgery and Service Industry upto 2019

The cosmetics surgery and services industry worldwide is projected to be a business of more than $20 million. With technologies rising up in the medical field, lots of complicated surgery jobs which were termed to be life-endangering


Japanese seniors soon to get ‘quality of life” apps, courtesy: Apple-IBM-Japan Post Apple along with IBM and Japan Post is planning to introduce a smart device based application that will change the method in which the Japanese

Chinese Medical Device Industry on its way to the top

Therapeutic appliances and consumables are strengths of the Chinese Medical device Industry Business potentials in China is no more an unknown fact to the world, representing 1/5th of the global population it is a treasure for businesses