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Industry projected a 30% CAGR worldwide The Food and Drug Administration’s “Orphan Drug Amendment” act of 1988 defined Medical Foods as foods that are specifically formulated and intended for the dietary management of a disease that has

Being too SWEET is killing you…Know how?

Being too SWEET is killing you…Know how? Diabetes for sure is carrying a war against mankind globally. Recent research works on the ailment has bought out few hard hitting facts and figures which will actually uncover the

Global Cosmetics Surgery and Service Industry upto 2019

The cosmetics surgery and services industry worldwide is projected to be a business of more than $20 million. With technologies rising up in the medical field, lots of complicated surgery jobs which were termed to be life-endangering

US Rehab Industry: Bringing Normalcy to Lives

2.5 million People received treatment in the year 2014 Drug addiction along with other forms of addictions (nicotine, gambling, Internet and others) has being a big concern for all the countries around the globe. Especially these habits

Figures from the US Weight Loss Market denoting a potential upsurge

Whenever there is a talk on the weight loss issue stress is the first topic that comes to the table for discussion. More than half the cases of excessive weight loss, obesity occur due to the overload

Medical Laser System Industry to touch $2 bn by 2018

Global aging population driving medical laser technology industry Our earth has crossed the 7 billion population mark this year and it is growing beyond with technologies, developments and problems. Previously treating health disorders were a big challenge,

Ebola: Threat, Research and towards Cure

Medical experts feel that the world is behind in time in crossing the bridge on EBOLA EBOLA- the life threatening virus was first discovered in the year 1976 when it first broke out in the western Africa

Stout Growing Trends for Global Medical Equipment industry

Medical equipments sector all set for a rocketing surge “Armamentarium” in common lingo known as a medical equipment is a tool designed to assist in the process of diagnose, monitor or treat any form of abnormal medical

Gulf nations to spend $12 billion on Pharmaceuticals by 2020

Saudi Arabia holds 59% of the total Pharma market in the Gulf According to a leading private healthcare technology company in Gulf, Saudi Arabia will retain its leading position at least for the next half a decade.

Global Hearing Aid Industry to touch $8.6 billion by 2018

In 2013, industry recorded a growth of 4.8% Hearing aid devices were in their initial stages known as ‘Ear Horns’ or ‘Ear Trumpets’. The first electronic hearing aid device was produced in the year 1898 after the