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Social and Emotional Learning – Foundation for Better Human Behaviour

While recollecting my memories in school, I remembered how I looked forward for the social studies period. Not just because the subject textbook had colourful pictures to read through, but also helped us as children to understand
May 7, 2021

India and China to rule the Global Talent Pool by 2030

Talent pool in terms of occupational knowledge around the globe is building stronger and if research studies are to be trusted, it will be at its best ever by 2030. The number of tertiary educated group (25-35
Dec 9, 2015

Global Education Industry Trends For 2015

The future in 2015 for the education sector is hardly predicted as most of the predictions are going towards IT, infrastructure, retail and so on. However, taking nothing away from the education segment it can be said
Feb 13, 2015

Indian Education Sector to be Worth of $ 110 BN by 2015

The sector growing at a CAGR of 18.13% for the period of 2010-2014 Education is an integral part of any development process. Any country is the globe requires the basic schooling and further the college and post-graduation
Jun 13, 2014

Books…Reading the Growth Scale

Read to Gain Knowledge Books are said to be man’s best friend. It not only works as a companion for him but also provides infinite knowledge to him. Our association with the books begins right from the
Apr 4, 2014