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India will continue its growth in 2016: World Bank

If majority of economists are to be believed, the world is traveling towards yet another global financial meltdown-just like the one that struck during 2008-09. However, economies around the globe are planning and working hard to minimize

Global Travel Industry Trends and Forecast for 2016

The bygone year can be easily termed as a productive one for the travel industry. In a relatively global dull situation when other business verticals were going downhill; the travel and tourism industry had a rising period.

Trends in Market Research Industry for 2016

The previous year has been a most active one in terms of MARKET RESEARCH. Data is growing up to be the most valuable asset in business world; jobs related to research and development and data collection are
Jan 4, 2016

Bharatbook’s Insight of 2015

We are few hours away from starting 2016. The outgoing year-2015 has been quite an eventful one for many reasons. Businesswise, the year can be summed up as a roller costar, Google has been active with its
Dec 31, 2015

India and China to rule the Global Talent Pool by 2030

Talent pool in terms of occupational knowledge around the globe is building stronger and if research studies are to be trusted, it will be at its best ever by 2030. The number of tertiary educated group (25-35
Dec 9, 2015

Chennai Deluge to cost Rs.15,000 crores-ASSOCHAM

One of the important South Indian cities is submerged in rain water flooding and the news for more than a month now. Issues mushrooming due to the immutable wild downpour are many-loss of lives around 300 dead,
Dec 4, 2015

3 Common Reasons Why Millennials are getting Pink Slips (with solutions)

“Millennials” is turning into a confusing generation-they are also known as generation-Y. Basically, there are proper dates that refer a start and ending of people from this generation. Yet, experts and researchers refer to birth years from

US Tattoo Making and Removal Industry: Market Analysis

USA is among the top countries where the tattoo industry continues to boom. The tattooing industry has grown globally yet it has earned maximum rise in the US and regions around. The work is not just limited
Nov 4, 2015

Top 5 Alexa Certified Changes that will update your website

‘Google search engine page number 2 is the best place to hide a corpse’ this may sound hilarious but ask a search engine optimizer and he or she will tell you how it really feels to be


A Market Research Report today, is no luxury or an extra expense; it is a part of the business and it must be made a part within the early stages for optimum advantages. Getting the most suitable
Oct 26, 2015