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Most Likely Trends from Banking Industry for 2015

Regulatory Compliance and Mobile Payment Systems BIG TERMS in banking industry for 2015 Regulatory compliance- in a layman’s language is the punishment given to banks for jumping the gun on any rule or regulation laid by the

US Janitorial Industry-An In-depth Analysis

Cleaning Franchises are on an increase The cleaning industry includes several services and is top notch industry with high returns worldwide. Comparatively, it is in top gear as these services are high on demand in developed nations

Global Restaurant Industry taking the issue of Sustainability Seriously: To be on top chats in 2015

Sustainability-to the center talking point for the New Year Environment has once again stolen the show as it is top position to the #1 spot on the hottest trends for the year 2015. According to a recent

This is what the world’s planning for Christmas 2014

Best time for gifts, dining and purchases The snowfall has began, the chilly breeze keeps cool regularly within some interval and there is a ‘known’ sense of ZEAL in the air…..Yeah Christmas day is nearing and people

Tips on Owning a Startup and managing it

All of us irrespective of our professions, profiles and job designations do have a small dream; a fantasy thought of OWNING A BUSINESS. The culture of being the owner of your work has picked up fast especially

INDIA-strongest among all developing economies by 2016

World Bank projected India as the fastest growing economy among the emerging nations WORLD economies in recent years are unstable and find themselves swinging on a constant basis making it tough for them to survive. However, the

Welcome to the Newly Decked Up

 “Change is the only permanent thing” said somebody and rightly so. Everything requires a change after a while. SO DOES OUR WEBSITE Yeah, we have decked it up for you with a focus on your mood,

Trends in the Travel and Tourism Industry in India by 2024

By 2024, India to have more than 13.34 million international tourists The bygone year 2013 wasn’t as bright as one had expected. Most of the industries were crawling slow and hardly had anything to cheer about, excluding

B2C Ecommerce Global Sales to Touch $1,500 Trillion in 2014

The sector’s grown more than 20% for an annum E-marketers around the global have some real good news coming this year as their looks jam packed with business activities. The B2C (Business to Consumer) segment of the

Global Hotel Industry Trends- 2014

World Hotel Industry to remain as busy as ever As usual the Hotel and Hospitality industry is buzzing with continuous activities, prospects are in plenty and the time to achieve them is ticking away fast. As far