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A Shift from Reality to Virtual Reality

During my growing years whenever I used to watch sci-fi movies, I always wished how I could jump off the building, catch a running bus, rescue people in trouble etc, like the superheroes on screen. Though it
Mar 22, 2019

The Rise of Extremities in the name of “Online Games”

The first time I was introduced to an online gaming world was with Need for Speed, a racing simulator. I can still remember the fun and thrill of challenging and playing against a real player instead of regular
Oct 6, 2017

Diwali Surprise – Bengaluru ATM dispenses GOLD COINS instead of money!

It is Diwali time in India and all Indian homes are beautifully adorned with lightings, garlands, diyas (lamps) and lanterns (Ah! The bright, twinkling sight in the evenings is just awesome!). What adds to this festive season

Video Games Can Improve Children’s Brain Health, Study

Rejoice, computer gamers! Parents won’t stop you from playing video games after reading these facts. We often hear parents complaining about their children being addicted to computers and online video games. The previous generation parents (who are

Playful Trends estimate a $96 bn global gaming industry by 2018

Brace yourself for the new-age gaming experience The idea of the first video game came up in the early 50’s, they were systems played on a vertical display through a massive network of computers. It was only

Indian Media and Entertainment Industry to Boom to INR 1,786 BN by 2018

The sector grew at a CAGR of 11.8% in 2013 India is a country of different cultures; it is amongst the countable nations that houses people coming from various backgrounds, separate castes, religions and creeds. They yet

DTH Market of India to Cross $5 Billion in Next 10 Years

The World of Digital Home Entertainment Remember the days when TV viewing was literally left at the mercy of your local cable operators. The irritation of bad cable reception, annoyance of vanishing channels, the regular cable blackouts

Comics – An Industry Breaching 700 Million Dollar Mark

The fascinating world of comics Childhood days can never be imagined without comics.  Color filled stories of the razor sharp intelligence of Chacha Chaudhury and Tintin, the powerful battles of Sabu and Hulk. The vicious fights of

Cricket…hitting the Economy out of Boundary

Howzattt!! Cricket has a huge fan following all around the globe. It is a game that is being played and followed by the millions of people around the world. Originated in the 16th century at England, this

Multiplexes – Having a Blockbuster Growth

Premiering At the Box office Movies have always been the greatest mode of entertainment ever since its emergence. The motion pictures have always been a fascination for everyone. And the places where these cinemas are exhibited are