Cheese Manufacturing in the USA – Recent Insights


What is Wisconsin famous for? Well, citizens of the US or the ones who have been to the place would instantly shout out a word-CHEESE. The iconic state in America is known for its repeated record cheese production capacity. Talking of cheese manufacturing in America, the production is booming to new heights as almost one-quarter of the world production comes from the nation. In 2013 alone, the production totaled up to more than 5 mn metric tons i.e. 11 bn pounds from all parts of the country. 

Use of cheese in the industrial front is noted to be the primary reason for the growth in the manufacturing volume. In comparison; the industrial production accounted around 2.6 bn pounds; that touches almost 25% of cheese consumption in US. The cheese market in America is filled with several varieties-there are around 600 types of cheese produced by the skilled cheese making labors. Cheddar and Mozzarella are the most used types in industries covering around 60% of the food processing channel within the nation.

Important markets from around the globe are demanding increased quantities with every passing year. This forces the market leaders to innovate and pull up the manufacturing capacities; the export volume to international consumers has gone up by a whopping 575% in the last 100 years. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Japan have featured on the largest importers list in the past 5 years and trade experts from within the business predict the trend to continue.

According to the US Dairy Export Council-largest milk production, abundant land availability and brilliant investment in research and technology in the field has enhanced the cheese industry in USA.

Cheese manufacturing segments are categorized into 3 kinds:

Ones which produce nonalcoholic beverage;

The ones manufacturing alcoholic beverages;

The makers of distilled alcoholic beverages

Recent growths indicate a CAGR of about 5.5% between the years 2010-15. The domestic demands also had acceleration as it had a CAGR of 5.3% for the same span. The numbers in exporting the eatable went up by 1.9% in 2010 to 3.6% for the year 2015.

The export values are expected to further grow as demands from all around the globe is picking up.

5 largest Cheese Producing States in USA

Wisconsin: 2,855,681

California: 2,312,895

Idaho: 871,640

New York: 751,280

New Mexico: 661,293

                           (In pounds)

“An increase of 18% in US Cheese consumption in the last 10 years; along with a growing per capita consumption rate”


Use of Cheese-

There are several forms in which cheese is utilized in the USA. In the recent past it is widely used as an ingredient application with other foods. Ready to eat is the most common segment in which cheese application is seen. This kind of application appeared in more than 1000 new products in 2014; which was 12% higher than in 2013. Snacks are the second largest food variant in which cheese application happens in the USA.

Future for Cheese industry in US-

As the demands for cheese in the USA alone is crossing all predictions; the quality and quantity of cheese manufacturing units is ought to enhance in the near future. Stats indicate that the industry working on further improving technologies through research and development activities-hence making the industry better.

The cheese making sector in the US is surely en route to access greater innovation in automation and large-scale produce in order to meet the future needs for the commodity within the boundaries and worldwide.