Comics – An Industry Breaching 700 Million Dollar Mark


ComicsThe fascinating world of comics

Childhood days can never be imagined without comics.  Color filled stories of the razor sharp intelligence of Chacha Chaudhury and Tintin, the powerful battles of Sabu and Hulk. The vicious fights of the superheroes like Batman, Superman and Spiderman against the evil villains. The devilish plans of Raaka, Bane and Joker, the funny incidents Archie, Jughead and Moose bump into. Comic books have always been a fascination among the kids and the grownups as well.  The animated characters in a graphical printed format, with a pulsating story line which included action, humor, mystery and love as well. With the turn of each page a new story got unlocked, keeping the reader glued to the comic strip. It is a fantasy world like no other thing.

Comics are basically a visual method utilized for articulating ideas through images combined with text or by illustration with the help of balloon captions and narration. The comic industry is a vast industry worldwide. DC comics, Marvel comics are the biggest names all over the world while in the Indian comics market; diamond comics and Amar Chitra Katha have made a significant place for itself. Comics had been a medium of entertainment for eras together.  What started as a cartoon strip illustration in newspapers, in early 1920s comics took shape of an enormous industry.With the success and popularity of Herge’s comic book Adventure of Tintin, there was no looking back for the comic magazine industry. The comic characters became a craze among the people. Publishers made a fortune by sold out issues of the comics. The popularity and demand hit an all time sky high with the glorified sales of the comic magazine copies. This growth also created a great opportunity for the print industry to flourish as the orders for the comic books were ever increasing.

The popularity of the comic characters is even capitalized by the movie and animation industry. Cinemas produced based on the Comic superheroes grossed millions worldwide, as the Comic companies and film production banners are joining hands to get the most out of the comic characters popularity. Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man, Avengers and Man of Steel are some of the major hits of the recent times. Also, other commodity companies are endorsing the comic characters too for selling their product. Action figures, toys and video games are specially the hot selling items in this section. Comics are so popular worldwide that an event is held every year in San Diego known as COMIC CON in order to commemorate the historic and enduring contribution of comics to world of art and culture.

Even after the immense popularity of the comics, it is facing challenge from the recent modes of entertainment. At some places comics is striving hard to even survive as a result of a slump in the demand. To deal with this, comic publishers have come up with digital comics. This comic art form comes in both 2D and 3D effects directly through the web or in CDs. However the companies are optimistic as still there are large number of fans of comics and its characters worldwide, the glory of the comics will remain forever.