Bioinfomant – a worldwide leading blood cells research firm has come up with a new finding. It has researched and found that HST (Hematopoietic Stem Cells) transplant is the leading cell therapy performed all over the world. These stem cells are present in the Umbilical cord blood and considered as life saving elements in most transplantation cases.
The infographic mentions a yearly record of cases performed and also provides the percentage rise for the last 5 years. It also presents the origin of these transplants which began around the mid 1950’s. It was in the year 1956 when the first bone marrow transplant was performed.

Cord Blood Banking Market

Most of the world is unaware about cord blood preservation:

Though there is a notable increase in the transplants performed, the treatment process faces certain challenges. The biggest of them being UNAWARENESS, not knowing the positives of preservation of the cord blood is the biggest problem facing the global medical community. 85 out of every 100 respondents ended up not storing the cord blood stems as they were either not aware of it as an option or did not make a decision within the stipulated time frame.

In case of Cord Blood preservation, history SADLY repeats itself:

According to the previous reports the case lays similar where most of the to-be parents aren’t aware about cord blood preserving option. As per the Journal of Reproductive Medicine’s report, 74% of the total described themselves as “minimally informed”. The couples who get unbiased education through their nurses and obstetrician have just come up to a mere 14%.


What needs to be done?

Hence, a boarder path of educating both medical staffs and thereby getting the information about public and private banking to the parents is the need of the hour. Hope it is achieved!!!