Covid-19 Vaccine – An Antidote against the Pandemic

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As the world is grappling under the second wave and a possible third wave of the deadly COVID-19 virus, a ray of hope has eventually shown to beat the pandemic situation. The COVID-19 vaccine is finally here. After months of research and clinical testing, the scientists and medical experts have been able to develop an antidote to help fight and survive the fatal virus.

The COVID-19 pandemic had spread out of control leading of millions of deaths and infected people around the   world. All kinds of treatments were tried by the medical experts in an effort to stop the disease from spreading   further. The air-borne disease causes severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, which was posing as a serious threat to the global public health. Different types of drugs were researched globally, some completely   new anfd some existing, such as the ones used to treat HIV and malaria.

Even though the vaccine has been   created, WHO has announced stringent guidelines for cases of detection, management and prevention of   further infection during health care, as well as home care facilities for people assumed to be infected with the   virus. With each passing day the increasing number of people getting infected due to the virus, has led to call   for a critical demand of effective, available, and affordable drugs to end the pandemic.

Thousands of medical   research teams and scientists around the world are looking for medicines that would actually work and cure the patients. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 globally, there have been many antiviral drugs that have been put to   test to combat the deadly virus. However of all the clinical trials, Remdesivir has proved to be one of the most   promising drugs, which is being currently used for the treatment of the viral disease.

The pandemic has impacted our lives in every way. Not only has the global economy come to a standstill, but   the virus has also changed the way we work and interact with the people around us. Due to the rising infections and deaths reported across the world, the governments have been forced to implement strict restrictions on all   activities in order to control the spread of the virus.

Moreover, as a result of the disruption caused by factory closures and export restrictions, there has been a   knock-on effect in multiple markets globally. The automotive, electrical and pharmaceutical industries have   been amongst the worst hit, due to their highly complex, globally integrated supply chains.

Global Covid-19 vaccine Market will be valued at approximately US$ 25 billion in the year 2024. The   growing government support for vaccine development and the increasing involvement of global organizations in the development of adequate vaccination facilities in endemic regions is anticipated to positively influence the sales of Coronavirus vaccine in the upcoming years. Moreover, the strong demand for coronavirus vaccine, the on-going initiatives by governments to procure the vaccine and the waves of infection is likely to drive the market growth during the forecast period.

Under the Patient Type segment, Covid-19 market for senior citizens is anticipated to witness the largest market share owing to the focus of the governments to vaccinate the vulnerable population, manufacturing of vaccines being outsourced and also manufacturers collaborating with hospitals and doctors to better understand their demand and meet their requirements will be pushing growth in the market for Covid-19 vaccine during the coming years.

The key companies identified include AstraZeneca Plc, Johnson & Johnson Inc, Novavax, BioNTech, Moderna, Glaxo Smith Kline Plc, CSL Ltd., Abbott Laboratories, Daiichi Sankyo Company Ltd, Astellas Pharma Inc.

Hospitals, followed by Clinics, Vaccination centres and Academic and research Institute will attain substantial market share as healthcare authorities and governments are trying their best to vaccinate the population to further avoid spread of coronavirus disease.

Among the regions, North America, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific, will experience remarkable growth owing to the second and third wave of spread of the virus, emergence of mutant viruses, and presence of various leading global manufacturers in the region with companies ramping up their production capacity and growing number of coronavirus patients.

To end this pandemic situation, medical researchers across the world have been working tirelessly in testing and developing an effective vaccine, which can help protect against the infection and transmission of the deadly disease. Although vaccines can be a game-changing answer, we still need to be careful so that we do not put ourselves and others at risk. To ensure safety, we must continue to wear masks, wash our hands, maintain social distance and avoid crowded areas.

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